You May be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits Because of Your Mental Disorder


Mental illness impacts all of us. More than 50 million adults and over 5 million children in the United States live with a mental disorder at some time in their lives. This means that chances are good that someone you know – a parent, a friend, a loved one, a child, a neighbor, a coworker – has experienced mental illness.


Psychiatric conditions cost the world trillions of dollars each year in lost productivity. And an incalculable amount in lost lives




Dealing with a severe mental disorder is hard. Cognitive impairments, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions make activities that other people take for granted – reading, working, interacting with others – impossible. Finding the energy to get out of bed is even tough.

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplement Security Income, keep fighting. Because mental disorders cause symptoms that are subjective, many SSD and SSI claims based on mental health conditions are denied at the initial level and reconsideration level. We don’t let that stop us and we won’t let it stop you. Our Richmond Social Security Disability lawyer and Newport News Social Security Disability attorney  is here to help you win your case.

Mental Disorders and Qualifying for Social Security Disability

Winning Social Security Disability claims based on mental impairments and psychiatric conditions is tough, and getting even tougher in today’s political climate. Though politics should not matter when it comes to your mental health, the percentage of disability claims SSA approves is decreasing because of political pressure.