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You are here because you or a loved one got injured at work in Virginia. You may be in constant pain. Perhaps you can’t work or do your regular job due to injuries. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with calls from the insurance company, workers compensation forms, or medical provider bills. Or maybe your benefits stopped and you don’t know what to do. Breathe easy, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found a Virginia workers compensation attorney who can help you win and recover fully.


We aggressively defend the legal rights of hard working Virginians who have been hurt on the job. We have helped hundreds of Virginia’s injured airline employees, construction workers, electricians, firefighters, flight attendants, industrial workers, manufacturing employees, police, nurses, truck drivers, union members, and warehouse workers navigate the workers compensation claim process. From filing a workers compensation claim and choosing a doctor to understanding the workers compensation benefits available, presenting the claim at trial, and negotiating a workers comp settlement, we are with you every step of the way. We treat every case as though it’s going to trial – and have no hesitation going to hearing and winning – which encourages our opponents to offer top-dollar settlements out of court.

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Every Virginia workers comp attorney knows that lump sum workers compensation settlements are important to recovery. Because workplace injuries are often severe, causing permanent disability, a settlement is often the best way for an injured employee to move forward with their recovery and life.


We offer bold representation, knowledge of the laws, and experience to injured employees. No matter your accident, injury, disability, or occupational illness, we can help you navigate the complicated workers compensation system and obtain the wage loss benefits, disability compensation, medical treatment, and settlement you deserve. You focus on your physical, mental, and emotional recovery while one of the best Virginia workers compensation attorneys tirelessly pursues your claim and justice.


If you’re an injured worker in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Winchester, Richmond, Fairfax, Prince William County, Fredericksburg, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or Virginia Beach, we can help.


Keep reading to learn more about the workers compensation claims process in Virginia. And give me a call. Our firm has a proven track record of success, having recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our Virginia’s injured employees and their families. Call 1-804-251-1620 or e-mail us to get a free consultation.

Start Here - Virginia Workers Compensation Overview from the Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Virginia

Virginia workers compensation claims and litigation are often a series of battles. Preparation, skilled representation from a Virginia workers compensation attorney, and aggressive action can help you overcome the insurance company’s team of attorneys, claims adjusters, and case managers and win at each step.


Navigating the Virginia workers compensation system is difficult and time consuming. If you are ready to file or have already filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you probably have many questions


Below is a step-by-step overview of Virginia workers compensation. Click on the links for more information on each topic. We have answers to your Virginia workers compensation frequently asked questions.


If you want to speak to one of the best Virginia workers comp attorneys who isn’t afraid to go to trial, call or email Corey Pollard, voted a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine two years in a row, for a free consultation.

What is Workers Compensation in Virginia?

Workers compensation has a long history. The workers comp system has developed as part of a compromise between employers and employees.


Each year thousands of people file for Virginia workers compensation benefits in Richmond, Fairfax, Roanoke, Manassas, Virginia Beach, and Harrisonburg, where the Workers’ Compensation Commission has offices. And millions of dollars are paid out for injuries suffered in work accidents and occupational diseases. The most common injuries on the job are fractures, sprains, cuts, torn ligaments, and burns caused by heavy lifting, motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and workplace violence.


The Virginia Workers Compensation Act requires employers with three or more employees to purchase workers compensation insurance coverage. More than 97 percent of employees in Virginia are covered by workers compensation.


Obtaining benefits under your employer’s workers compensation insurance policy isn’t easy. Insurance companies make it difficult to get the benefits you’re entitled to so that they can increase their profits.


A Virginia workers compensation lawsuit focuses on obtaining replacement income, medical coverage, and disability payments for injured workers who are hurt on the job or diagnosed with an occupational illness. If you’re hurt in a covered work accident, the employer is responsible for any related and reasonably necessary medical expenses including payment of surgical, hospital, nursing, and therapy services, prescription medication, and even home accommodations.


In addition to medical treatment, your Virginia workers compensation attorney will try to obtain wage loss benefits for you if you’re unable to return to your pre-injury work. The amount of disability benefits you’ll receive is related to how much you earned before the accident and the type of work you can return to after the accident. Death benefits are also available to the survivors and dependents of fatal work injury victims.


Not all employees injured on the job are entitled to workman’s comp benefits in Virginia. And some injured employees may have third-party personal injury lawsuits or Social Security Disability claims in addition to their claim for workers compensation benefits.


Virginia workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard understands how important it is to protect your career, livelihood, and ability to earn wages, and he’ll help you recover the compensation you deserve under workers comp laws in Virginia.

What Should I Do after a Work Accident in Virginia?

If you’ve been injured at work in Virginia, you should take the following steps to protect your right to benefits and a lump sum workers comp settlement.


  • Get medical attention immediately. Obtaining treatment is the most important thing you can do because 1) your health is your priority and 2) medical records from after the accident will help establish that you should receive workers compensation benefits.


  • Report your injury to your employer in writing. You can use our sample letter reporting a work accident and injury as a template. Notify your supervisor, HR, or your company’s designated safety person. Keep a copy of your written report. Your employer is not responsible for medical treatment or wage loss benefits until it receives notice of the accident and your injuries. If you work for a subcontractor, give notice to the general contractor also.


  • Contact a workers compensation attorney Virginia to assess whether your accident and injuries are covered under the Workers Compensation Act, to pick the best doctor for your health and your claim, and to file a workers compensation claim that will increase the likelihood that you get approved for benefits or receive a fair settlement offer.

What Accidents and Injuries are Covered by Virginia Workers Compensation?

Virginia workman’s comp covers many work accidents and injuries. But not everything that happens at work is covered.


You must prove that you suffered an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of your employment to get workers comp benefits. Sounds simple but it isn’t. The application and meaning of this sentence has been litigated thousands of times before the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. Repetitive motion injuries are not covered.


Accidents and injuries covered by Virginia workers compensation explains how to win your case and give examples of accidents covered under Virginia’s laws.

How Much are Workers Compensation Attorney Fees?

Virginia workers compensation attorneys work on contingency. This means you pay no workers comp attorney fee unless you receive benefits and win your case. Read our article for information on the attorney fee percentage you may be charged in your work comp case.

How Do I File a Virginia Workers Compensation Claim?

Injured employees should file a Virginia workers compensation claim if they are hurt on the job – even if they think they suffered a minor injury or even if the employer and its workers compensation insurance company are paying wage loss benefits and providing medical treatment voluntarily.


Don’t let the insurance company lull you into a false sense of security. You should still file for workers compensation benefits to protect your legal rights and force action in your claim.


In our article on filing a Virginia workers compensation claim we explain who can file a claim, when to file a claim, how to file a claim, and what information to include in your Virginia workers comp claim to maximize the money you receive for your work injury.

Is there a Time Limit on How Long I Have to File a Work Comp Claim?

How Many Different Workers Compensation Benefits are Available?

What is the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission?

The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission oversees all claims for benefits filed because of injuries suffered in work accidents, birth-related neurological injury, and occupational disease. You need the Commission’s approval to get the money and medical care you deserve.


Keep reading to learn more about the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. We’ll explain the deputy commissioners and full commissioners who run the Commission, how it works, and where you’ll have a hearing on your industrial accident claim.

What Happens if My Virginia Workers Compensation Claim is Accepted?

Medical coverage and wage replacement benefits do not start until your workers compensation claim is accepted by the insurance company or approved by the Workers Compensation Commission. But this is just the first step.


Virginia workers compensation claims can go on for years. After your initial workers comp claim is approved your employer will look for ways to minimize your claim’s value or suspend your benefits. This is done through a variety of methods: alleging that you are refusing to cooperate with vocational rehabilitation or medical treatment; offering you light duty work that is not within your work restrictions; paying a physician to write a report that says you’re no longer disabled because of your work accident – just to name a few.


Contact an experienced Virginia workers compensation attorney who can guide you through the procedural hazards. Winning and having an approved workers compensation claim is just the start. You have to be proactive to keep the benefits you need and deserve.

I Have a Denied Workers Compensation Claim. Now What?

It’s been a few days since you were injured on the job. You walk to the mailbox and see a letter from your employer or its insurance company. You read the letter and see that you have a denied workers compensation claim. What do you do?


You don’t have to take the insurance company’s word for it. They make money by collecting premiums from employers and denying workers compensation claims filed by injured employees.


An experienced Virginia workers compensation attorney will help you appeal the insurance company’s decision to deny your workers comp claim and present your case at trial before a deputy commissioner. A workers compensation trial is often necessary for injured employees to recover the lost wages, disability benefits, and medical treatment they need.

How Do I Get a Lump Sum Workers Compensation Settlement in Virginia?

Sometimes negotiating a Virginia workers compensation settlement is your best option. You may want to settle your workers comp case if any of these scenarios apply:


  • You have been receiving workers comp wage loss benefits for a significant period and want to move forward with your life;


  • Your doctor has said that you have reached maximum medical improvement;


  • There is a dispute over whether your accident is covered by the Virginia Workers Compensation Act and a significant risk that you may lose; or


  • There is conflicting medical evidence in your case regarding the need for future treatment or disability.


Virginia workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard has negotiated hundreds of settlements for injured employees. He’ll help you maximize the value of your work injury case so that you have enough money for any time you may be out of work and any future medical expenses.

Do You Have a Dangerous Job?

We’ve seen it all while helping injured workers in Richmond and across Virginia. No matter the occupation, all employees face work hazards on a daily basis. Though some jobs are more dangerous than others, work-related accidents are common in all industries. If you’re an airline worker, construction worker, firefighter, healthcare professional, police officer, factory worker, truck driver, or union member who lives in or near Richmond, we can help. Call one of the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Richmond, VA today to get started.

A Top Richmond Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is Ready to Talk with You

The goal of Virginia workers’ compensation is to resolve claims efficiently. Unfortunately, the process is rarely simple. The insurance company may deny your claim, or threaten to stop your workers’ compensation benefits. Or perhaps obtaining medical treatment at the direction of your employer and its insurance company has become stressful, so you want a lump sum settlement. No matter the situation, Richmond workers’ compensation attorney Corey Pollard can step in and help you get the money you deserve.

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