Prepare for Your Workers Compensation Hearing

Your heart is beating fast and you start sweating. You have a look of panic. Thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits and medical treatment are at stake, But you don’t feel prepared, and you’re about to take the witness stand at your workers’ compensation hearing in front of a judge and an attorney who is out to prove you don’t have a valid case.

Are you prepared for hearing? Would you know what questions you should ask, and which questions will be asked of you? Would you know what evidence to present?

This may be your first time going through the Virginia workers’ compensation process. And we can help. Virginia  workers’ compensation lawyer Corey Pollard has handled hundreds of work comp and Social Security Disability hearings. We know how to present the best case possible at your hearing, what evidence we can and should present, and we’ll cover upfront costs associated with taking your case to hearing.

You can handle your own workers’ comp claim. But we don’t recommend it. Hire an experienced Virginia workers comp attorney who handles cases in Richmond, Roanoke, Fairfax, Newport News, and Virginia Beach. Your employer and its insurance company will have a team of attorneys trying to make sure you get as little money as possible. You should have someone fighting for you.

Our website is full of information about the Virginia workers’ comp process. You can also contact us for a free consultation or a free copy of our Virginia Workers’ Compensation Guide. We’ll listen to your story and let you know your options. Call 1-804-251-1620, 1-757-810-5614, or fill out our online contact form to the right.

If you hire us, you won’t pay an upfront fee. There is no attorney’s fee unless you get the benefits or workers compensation settlement you deserve.