Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims in Virginia

You just received awful news. Your workers’ comp claim was denied. We understand the disappointment and heartache that comes with a workers’ compensation denial. And we know the stress and anxiety a denial can cause as you try to figure out what you’ll do next. Remember – a denial is not the end. You can fight back.

Virginia workers’ compensation is confusing and difficult to understand. Even if there is no dispute that you had an accident at work or that your injury or illness is related to your job, workers’ compensation benefits may still be denied. Workers’ comp does not cover everything that happens on the job.

Seems difficult to grasp? That’s because it is. But we can help. We have helped hundreds of Virginia’s injured workers get the benefits and lump sum settlements they deserve. We know the rules and the law – and we can help guide you after your Virginia workers’ comp claim is denied.

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And read below for common reasons why workers’ compensation insurance companies deny claims.

Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

Report your workplace accident immediately. Give written notice to your employer. And keep a copy for yourself. If you wait too long, this will raise a red flag with the insurance company and they may deny your claim pending further investigation.

Does your employer dispute your accident happened the way you describe? If so, the insurance company may deny your claim. We see this happen when the accident was unwitnessed. Your employer knows that its premiums may increase if your receive workers’ compensation benefits. To avoid this, the employer may dispute that your accident happened the way you say it did.

There are other reasons the insurance company or Commission may deny your claim: repetitive trauma, pre-existing conditions, violation of a safety rule, or willful misconduct to name a few. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can review the facts of your case and help you fight the denial.

Call us today to see how we can help. Workers’ compensation attorney Corey Pollard will walk you through the process following a denial. He’ll answer your questions, track deadlines, build and develop evidence, and make sure you’re ready for hearing. You focus on your health and recovery, while we focus on the law.