Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Newport News, VA

When you’ve been hurt at work and are unable to return to the job, battling the insurance company to get your medical expenses and income payments is the last thing you want to have to do. Newport News workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard understands the strain put on injured workers and their families when the employer and insurance company deny their claim.

Workers’ comp is supposed to be less stressful than personal injury litigation, but that’s rarely the case. Qualifying for workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated. Employers and insurers have an incentive to deny claims and force workers back to work as soon as possible.

Newport News workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard has the resources and knowledge to build every aspect of your case, including the medical evidence. We know how to take on insurance companies and routinely obtain top-dollar workers’ compensation settlements for our clients. Call us at 757-810-5614 or fill out the form to your right for a free case review.

We Get Results in Newport News Workers’ Compensation Claims

We advise, counsel, and fight for employees who are hurt in work accidents or diagnosed with occupational illnesses related to their employment. You may be entitled to many types of benefits – including temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, lifetime medical benefits for the following:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Mental disorders caused by work-related accidents and injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee and hip injuries
  • Amputations of arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes
  • Shoulder and elbow injuries

From start to finish, Newport News workers’ comp attorney Corey Pollard helps you protect your legal rights and get everything you’re entitled to under Virginia law. We help injured workers with the following:

  • Negotiating a lump sum settlement
  • Pursuing any personal injury claims you may have against third-parties

We’re with you from the minute you report your accident through the successful resolution of your case – whatever it takes.

Do I Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits in Newport News?

If you were hurt on the job, you may qualify for work comp benefits if you require medical care, sustain permanent disability, or suffer wage loss. Call us and we’ll let you know if you have a case. A talented Virginia workers compensation lawyer can be the difference between having your claim denied and having enough money to provide for you and your family

From the smallest employers to the biggest companies in Newport News, such as Riverside Health System, UPS, Ferguson Enterprises, Huntington Ingalls, Canon Virginia, High Liner Foods, Sentara Healthcare, and Smithfield Foods, we help injured Newport News residents recover. It doesn’t matter if you live in Colony, Oyster Point, Lee Hall, Denbigh, Hidenwood, Hilton Village, Huntington, Glendale, Riverside, Ivy Farms, East End, or any other neighborhood, Corey Pollard helps people throughout his home town.

Preparing Your Work Comp Case Step by Step

Workers’ compensation claims are highly technical. Newport News workers compensation lawyer knows what it takes not only to prove the substance of your case but also to avoid any procedural pitfalls. We work with doctors and other experts to give our clients the best chance possible of obtaining a full recovery.

Workers’ comp defense attorneys know we have the skill and experience to beat them at trial. We want to use our abilities to help you win your case and get a great lump sum settlement. If you have a question about the process or need help getting your benefits, call or e-mail Newport News workman’s comp attorney Corey Pollard today.

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