Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia. It has miles of beaches, hundreds of hotels and restaurants, several military bases, a large agribusiness sector, and lots of tourists. With the hustle, bustle, and growth come work accidents and work-related injuries.

If you are unable to work as a result of a work-related injury or sickness, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you work or live in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Unfortunately, not many employers see it this way – or want to see it this way. They will conspire with their workers’ compensation insurance company to try to deny your claim and keep you from getting the benefits you deserve. When this happens your only solution is to hire one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Virginia Beach. Call Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard for help getting what is rightfully yours.

Why Should I Seek Workers Compensation in Virginia Beach?

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover medical treatment, make up for loss of earnings, and compensate for permanent disability. Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard handles all the legal issues so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery and well-being.

Corey has experience handling plenty of workers’ compensation cases in and around Virginia Beach, and his track record is impressive, to say the least. We offer every prospective client a free consultation so that we can determine if your case is likely to succeed under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. If it is, we will do all we can to ensure that you get what is owed to you so that you and your family can rest assured that financial hardship will not threaten you in the coming future.

A workers’ compensation lawsuit covers a broad range of issues. If an employee is involved in a workplace injury, the employer should pay for all medical expenses including surgery, nursing, and therapy services. The employer should also pay for all the medication prescribed to restore you to proper health. If you end up being disabled and suffer wage loss because of your work-related disability, the company should send you regular payments that enable you to maintain your needs sufficiently. If the restrictions are permanent the employer should pay permanent partial disability benefits as well. Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard will fight for you as long as your situation warrants it.

What Should I Do after a Virginia Beach Work Accident?

When you are the victim of a Virginia Beach work accident, your next step should be to seek medical attention. This has two purposes:

  • to ensure your well-being and
  • to build medical evidence that will play a significant role in your claim and be used to help you get approved for benefits.

When you file a compensation claim, it may be approved or denied. If the claim is approved, it does not mean that it will be paid right away. The insurance company will do everything in its power to ensure the claim is not paid or at least delayed. If it is denied, you do not have to settle for the insurance company’s decision. You can challenge it by going to a Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer who can work out the kinks and determine if your case is worthy of a favorable decision or settlement. If it is, you can appeal the insurance company’s decision and ask for a hearing with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. And your lawyer can help you take your case to trial.

The Best Virginia Beach Workers Compensation Lawyer for All Industries

We all have different jobs, and some have a larger risk factor than others. Work-related injuries and fatalities happen across all industries albeit some worse than others. Each of these work-related injuries deserves a look to determine their severity and claim for compensation. An injury that may appear negligible on the surface may have far-reaching effects. A Virginia Beach work injury lawyer will help you get an accurate estimation of the severity of the injury and hence a valid workers’ compensation benefits estimation. You may even be eligible for a workers compensation settlement. We’ve helped workers all across Virginia Beach – from retail and service workers at resorts to nurses at local hospitals to construction workers helping the city grow – get the benefits they need.

Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard understands the complex processes of workers’ compensation. Even after paying out a claim for a while, the insurance company may find a reason or a loophole that allows them to stop paying the claim. This is done through an employer’s application for hearing. A lawyer well versed in such matters may end up being the difference in the quality of your life from that point onwards. Corey is a lawyer that has been through the same process many times before. He wants to help you fight back against these tactics and get exactly what you deserve. Maneuvering the workers’ compensation claims field requires the skill of a Virginia Beach workers comp lawyer who has your best interest at heart such as Mr. Pollard.

If you live in or were injured in the following neighborhoods, Virginia Beach workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help: Alanton; Aragona Village; Bay Colony; Bayside; Cape Henry; Chesapeake Beach; Chic’s Beach; Croatan Beach; Dam Neck; Fort Story; Great Neck; Green Run; Kempsville; Lago Mar; Lake Smith; Linkhorn; Lynnhaven; LynnwoodNewtown; Oceana; Oceanfront; Ocean Park; Pembroke; Princess Anne; Pungo; Sandbridge; and, Thalia. Call 757-810-5614 for your free consultation!