Ok. The numbers are in. The data has been crunched. And the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has spoken in its 2016 Annual Report.


Below is a quick snapshot of the Virginia workers compensation claims filed in 2016. Check out the data to see where your type of workplace accident fits in. Then call workers comp attorney Corey Pollard for a free consultation and to give yourself the best chance of receiving a top-dollar workers compensation settlement.


2016 VA Workers Compensation Claims Summary


Major Workplace Injuries: There were 62,588 major workplace injuries reported last year. A major workplace injury is defined as an injury that is expected to require lost time from work or more than $1,000 in medical treatment.


Total Claims Filed: 47,609 claims were filed with the Commission. 57 percent were Requests for Hearing where the injured worker sought a trial where the judge would decide whether they were entitled to the specific benefits sought. 36 percent were Assertions of Rights. This is a protective claim for benefits where an injured worker reports his or her accident and injuries but does not specify what benefits he or she wants. 4 percent were medical provider claims where a health care provider sought additional payment from the workers compensation insurance company. And 3 percent were employer applications for hearing seeking to terminate, suspend, or modify existing Award Orders.


Gender: Men filed 56 percent of all claims. Women filed 43 percent of all claims.


Injuries Claimed: 12 percent of claims filed alleged injuries to multiple body parts. 36 percent of claims filed alleged injuries to the hand, fingers, wrist, elbow, arm, or shoulder. 22 percent of claims filed alleged injuries to the leg, knee, ankle, foot, or hip. 17 percent of claims filed alleged injuries to the trunk and back. 11 percent of claims filed alleged injury to the head or brain. And 2 percent of claims alleged neck injuries.


Average Days Missed: More than 5 days of work were missed on average per claim. This comes out to roughly one week of work per injury.


Resolved without Hearing: There were 29,183 awards entered by the parties, which means they reached an informal resolution of the claim or employer’s application. Another 12,124 awards were terminated by agreement of the parties.


Cause of the Injury: The most common cause of injury leading to a workers compensation claim was a strain. The next most common accidents and injuries, in order, were: slip, trip, or fall; struck by another object or person; a cut, scrape, or puncture wound; being struck or stepped on; motor vehicle accidents; being caught under, in, or between objects; and, burns.


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