What Happens if I'm Hurt in a Richmond, Virginia Auto Accident Involving an Uber Vehicle?

You and your spouse have planned a date downtown. Parking can be tough, so you pull out your phone and open an app. A few seconds later you’ve booked a ride.

Real-time ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have increased in popularity in Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Fairfax. And what’s not to like? You can arrange a one-time shared ride on short notice, at rates that are cheaper than taxi fares. And your driver can pick up extra income on nights or the weekend.

As ridesharing services become more popular, there will be more auto accidents and motor vehicle crashes involving Uber vehicles. Because Uber vehicles are privately owned and maintained by their drivers, not the company, you may have a difficult time obtaining the compensation you deserve for personal injuries sustained in a car crash involving a ridesharing service. That’s where Richmond Uber accident lawyer Corey Pollard can help.

We provide legal representation to passengers injured in Uber vehicles, motorists hurt in an accident where an Uber driver was at fault, and Uber drivers who were injured in a collision caused by someone else. Contact Richmond personal injury lawyer Corey Pollard today for a free consultation and to discuss your rights.