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The Federal Employers’ Liability Act, often called FELA, is a federal law th
at governs the right to compensation for railroad workers who suffer personal injuries on the job. In 1908 Congress enacted FELA in response to anger over the number of injuries and deaths caused by working on the railroads. FELA protects the legal rights of injured railroad employees and does a better job than state workers’ compensation laws of taking into account the specific workplace dangers faced by railroad workers. Virginia FELA lawyer and railroad accident attorney Corey Pollard represents

FELA is considered the first great social legislation of the 1900s. Prior to FELA becoming law, an injured railroad worker had very little chance of retaining recovery against the railroad for its negligence. This is because the doctrine of contributory negligence controlled railroad injury cases. Under this doctrine, an injured railroader could not recover if he contributed to the accident and injuries – even if that contribution was minor. Railroads could also defend injury claims using the “fellow servant doctrine” and the argument that the injured railroad worker had “assumed the risk of employment.”

In some cases, such as those where the railroad violated the Federal Safety Appliance Act or Federal Boiler Inspection Act, the court will hold the railroad strictly liable for all injuries caused by the violation.

A railroad worker whose negligence caused his or her personal injuries may still receive compensation for damages

If you are a railroad worker based out of Richmond, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, or Fairfax who was injured in a work related accident, contact Virginia railroad injury lawyer and FELA attorney Corey Pollard now to discuss what legal standard applies to your claim. Corey understands that railroad workers have difficult and physically demanding jobs. Corey has the skills, knowledge, and resources to represent injured railroaders across Virginia and to help you get fair compensation for damages caused by your railroad accident.

Railroad accident lawyer helping railroad employees recover compensation for negligence under FELA

Railroad accident lawyer Corey Pollard and the FELA attorneys at Jenkins Block & Associates help injured railroad workers recover compensation for their injuries. The first step in doing so is to prove that the railroad was negligence. This is one of the major differences between FELA and state workers’ compensation, which are no fault systems. And it is a key reason why you should contact FELA attorney and railroad accident lawyer Corey Pollard today.

You do not have to prove that the railroad was entirely negligent. Even slight negligence on the part of the railroad is enough to demonstrate that it failed to provide you with a reasonably safe to work. If you prove that the railroad acted negligently, your monetary recovery under FELA will likely be far greater than what you would recover under your state’s workers’ compensation laws. This is because workers’ compensation benefits are usually capped and fail to compensate injured workers fully. FELA, however, is meant to provide injured railroad workers with livable compensation following a severe and catastrophic injury.

Not all FELA cases go to trial. FELA lawyer Corey Pollard will work toward receiving a favorable resolution of your accident claim in an efficient manner. As your railroad accident attorney, he will keep you informed throughout the litigation process and give you the information you need to make an educated decision. You can decide to accept a railroad settlement offer, make a counter settlement proposal to the railroad, or take your case to trial.

Railroads don’t like FELA and spend millions lobbying Congress to get rid of or weaken the law. This is because railroad workers’ safety is not the top priority for railroads – making money is. Railroad unions and FELA lawyers have fought back, however, and the preservation of FELA is helpful to railroad workers and their families. An experienced railroad accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you are a railroad worker who was injured due to your employer’s negligence, contact Virginia FELA attorney and railroad accident lawyer Corey Pollard for a free consultation. You can also check out the other FELA articles on this site for information on maximizing your recovery following a railroad accident and injury:

Virginia railroad accident attorney Corey Pollard helps clients in Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Portsmouth obtain recoveries in FELA, workers compensation, and Social Security disability claims.