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Part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Newport News is the fifth-most populous city in Virginia. And with its location along the harbor, miles of waterfront on the James River, extensive railroad network, highway system consisting of the Hampton Roads Beltway, Interstate 64, and Interstate 664, and marine terminal, Newport News has booming shipbuilding, military, construction, airspace, and transportation industries.


With growth comes an increased risk of work accidents. And last year alone there were more than 1000 workers compensation claims filed in Newport News.


We understand that it’s not easy to get back on your feet after getting hurt at work or being diagnosed with an occupational illness. While you try to do everything you can to recover, your employer and its insurance company may be trying to deny or minimize the workers compensation benefits available under Virginia law. It’s important that you contact a Newport News workers compensation lawyer to make sure that you’re treated fairly.


Newport News workers comp attorney Corey Pollard can help you navigate the process of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits if you or a family member has been hurt at work. As your workers compensation lawyer in Newport News, we’ll do everything we can to protect your rights to obtain full compensation and satisfactory medical treatment after an on-the job accident.


This article provides information for injured workers in Newport News. Keep reading to learn more about the workman’s comp process. Then call or text 757-810-5614, or fill out the form to your right, for a free case review with Peninsula native Corey Pollard, voted of the best workers compensation lawyers in Newport News.


What is Workers Compensation?


Workers compensation is a state-required insurance program that provides wage loss benefits, permanent disability compensation, vocational training, and lifetime medical benefits to workers who have suffered a work-related injury or contracted an occupational illness, no matter who is responsible for the accident. Any employee who sustains an on-the-job injury is entitled to receive workers’ comp from their employer or their employer’s insurance carrier. Virginia employers are either self-insured or insured through a private insurance company. If your employer is insured privately, then you will receive workers’ comp benefits from the insurance carrier directly if your claim is approved.


Common causes of injuries covered under Virginia workers compensation include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, defective machinery, inadequate training, negligence, and dangerous working environments such as those found in the construction, warehouse, and distribution injuries. Workers’ compensation claims may arise out of injuries caused by a sudden accident, repetitive motion trauma, or any disease related to the nature of an employee’s job.


Common On-the-Job Injuries in Newport News, VA


As a Newport News workers compensation lawyer, we’ve handled claims involving many types of injuries, such as:


  • Amputations
  • Burns
  • Fractured Bones
  • Head Trauma
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Ligament damage
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss


We Represent Employees with Workers Compensation Claims Against All Employers in Newport News


We represent injured workers throughout Newport News, including those who work for the following employers:


  • Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. (Newport News Shipdbuilding)
  • Riverside Health System
  • Newport News City
  • Newport News City Public Schools
  • Canon Virginia, Inc.
  • AAFES Dan Daniel Distribution Center
  • Christopher Newport University
  • APAC Customer Service (UPS)
  • Ferguson Enterprises
  • Jefferson Laboratory – TJNAF
  • Continental Automotive Group/Siemens
  • The Daily Press
  • Walmart
  • Target Corp
  • Food Lion
  • Liebherr Mining Equipment
  • Verizon Communications
  • Warwick Plumbing & Heating
  • Virginia Health Services
  • Triumph Allied Aerospace Systems
  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Noland Company
  • Marva Maid Dairy
  • Pepsi-Cola Metropolitan Bottling Group
  • Keystone Newport News
  • Tri-Cities Beverage Corporation
  • Bay Electric Company
  • CSX Transportation
  • Swisslog Logistics


If you work in construction, manufacturing, truck driving, electrical contracting, fishing, steel work, farming, or health care then you are at a greater risk of suffering an injury on the job. You may have a valid claim if you get hurt at work in Newport News.


Newport News workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard, a graduate of Menchville High School and the College of William and Mary, will review your claim carefully to see if you’re owed compensation. And if you are, we’ll guide you through every step – from filing a workers compensation claim to conducting discovery to presenting your case at a workers compensation hearing before a judge to negotiating a top-dollar workers compensation settlement.


Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Newport News, VA


When you’re injured at work, you must report the accident to your supervisor and safety director as soon as possible. Put the notice in writing and keep a copy for yourself.


You should also seek immediate medical attention. Without medical evidence that you’re reporting that your injuries are related to work, you are likely to get denied benefits. Keep a paper trail of all medical treatment and make sure that you follow your doctor’s advice. This includes going to all follow-up appointments, taking your medication as prescribed, and following through with all referrals to specialists.


After you report the accident to your employer, the insurance company should contact you and provide you with information about obtaining the benefits you deserve. Unfortunately the insurance company may ask you to give a recorded statement or send you a letter stating that your claim is denied.


Contact an experienced Newport News workers comp lawyer before you speak with the insurance company. As your workman’s comp attorney, Corey Pollard will make sure you avoid the common mistakes that lead to denials. The insurance company has a team of attorneys, claims adjusters, accountants, nurse case managers, and vocational experts looking out for their interests. You deserve to have someone in your corner.


Speak with One of the Best Newport News Workers Compensation Lawyers


When you’ve been hurt at work and are unable to return to the job, battling the insurance company to get your medical expenses and income payments is the last thing you want to have to do. Newport News workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard understands the strain put on injured workers and their families when the employer and insurance company deny their claim.


Workers’ comp is supposed to be less stressful than personal injury litigation, but that’s rarely the case. Workers’ compensation claims are highly technical. Our Newport News workers compensation lawyer knows what it takes not only to prove the substance of your case but also to avoid any procedural pitfalls. We work with doctors and other experts to give our clients the best chance possible of obtaining a full recovery.


Newport News workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard has the resources and knowledge to build every aspect of your case, including the medical evidence. We know how to take on insurance companies and routinely obtain top-dollar workers’ comp settlements for our clients. And if you’re unable to return to work because of your work-related injuries or occupational disease, our Newport News disability lawyer will help you get approved for SSDI benefits or SSI.


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Fun Facts About Newport News


Here are some things you may not know about Newport News, Virginia:


  • More than 180,000 people live in Newport News
  • Fort Eustis, home to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command and U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School, is located in Newport News
  • The Daily Press is Newport News’s largest daily newspaper.
  • Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company built several aircraft carriers
  • Newport News was designated as a Port of Embarkation by the Army after America’s entry into World War I
  • Hilton Village, finished during World War I, was the first planned community subsidized by the government.
  • Christopher Newport University, established in 1960, has more than 5,000 students
  • Newport News Public Schools consists of several elementary schools, six middle schools, and five high schools.
  • Newport News is home to two acute care hospitals: Riverside Regional Medical Center and Mary Immaculate Hospital.
  • Michael Vick, Ella Fitzgerald, William Styron, and Mike Tomlin were born in Newport News.