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Injured on the job in Norfolk, VA? Not sure of your next steps? Looking for a reliable, trustworthy workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk? Then look no further.


Work injuries can happen any place, anytime, and to any employee. A simple fall or unfortunate auto accident can mean days, weeks or months of recuperation and recovery and lost wages.


Located at its center, Norfolk is the urban, financial, cultural, and transportation center of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. It has the world’s largest naval base, Naval Station Norfolk, and is a longstanding military and transportation hub. With all this commercial activity, work accidents happen frequently.


This is the reason worker’s compensation exists, and here in Norfolk, VA, my goal is to serve my clients’ needs by making sure workers stay protected and receive every bit of compensation they are due from their accident. A dependable workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk and elsewhere can help guide you through the confusing process that is workers’ compensation insurance claims. Injured workers deserve a reliable, trustworthy workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk that fights for them.


And that is why this Norfolk workers compensation lawyer is here for you.


Call, text, or email Virginia work injury lawyer and work accident attorney Corey Pollard if you’re looking for help following your occupational injury in Norfolk, VA. Come see why hundreds of employees have turned to us for help receiving the Virginia workers’ comp benefits and workers’ compensation settlements they deserve. You can reach us at 757-810-5614 or by completing the online form to your right.


A Norfolk Workers Compensation Lawyer You Can Trust


As your local Norfolk workers compensation lawyer, I’ll ensure that the work comp insurance company handles your claim correctly and without delay. Too often in Virginia, I have seen these insurance companies try to delay payments or deny claims to protect their bottom line. These companies have been successful in getting many exceptions added to the law so they can save money and deny payments. Unfortunately, because of this, it’s not always evident that a claim can legally be made. Having a reliable workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk, VA means you have a local fighter on your side, ready to go to battle with these companies and ensure that you get the full amount of benefits and money you deserve under the law.


I have years of experience throughout the state of Virginia working with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and analyzing the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, and as your Norfolk workers compensation lawyer I will work hard to fight for you, so you can focus on recovery and your health. This Norfolk workers compensation lawyer believes in educating workers on their rights and benefits and will be there with you every step of the way. I take my job very seriously. Let me help you like I have helped more than 1,000 injured workers in VA get what they deserved – treatment, benefits, and compensation.


As an injured worker in Norfolk, you may be entitled to the following:






  • And much more


Worker’s compensation is not an extra insurance you purchase – it is available to all employees in the state of VA who work in a place of employment with three or more employees. It’s that simple. This Norfolk workers compensation lawyer has the experience and knowledge to help you win your case. If you have been injured at work and are searching for an honest, dependable workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk, VA, contact me right away – it is important to satisfy the applicable statute of limitations!


A Norfolk Workers Compensation Lawyer You Can Turn To for Help


If you have been seriously injured or in an accident at work – whether you are a permanent employee, temporary employee, or called an independent contractor, work in a restaurant, office, or at a shipyard – you are entitled to compensation (usually in the form of lost wages and medical bills). As your workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk, VA I will thoroughly investigate all aspects of the claim to make sure you are treated right by your insurance company. Let me help you like I have helped other injured and disabled workers in Norfolk.


I will help you throughout the claims process, from filing the first forms to the moment you have won your claim and have received the benefits rightfully due. I will also make sure you know all your options when it comes to filing your claim, so you can make informed decisions about what your steps are and how to accept your settlement. Do you want a lump sum settlement or monthly payments? With me as your workers compensation lawyer in Norfolk, we will resolve your claim together, efficiently and quickly. Let me deal with the stress and paperwork, while you focus on recovery, your health, and your family.


This Norfolk workers compensation lawyer is here for you because you matter. Call me today if you have been injured on the job and you live in Norfolk, VA, the surrounding Hampton Roads metropolitan area or in the vicinity of Chesapeake Bay.


I handle work comp claims for employees who live and work in the following neighborhoods: Algonquin Park; Ballentine; Berkley; Calvert Square; Colonial Place; Coleman Place; Crown Point; Diggs Park; Downtown Norfolk; East Ocean View; Estabrook; Fairmount Park; Freemason; Ghent; Highland Park; Huntersville; Ingleside; Kensington; Larchmont; Lafayette; Lakewood; Lamberts Point; Lochaven; North Ghent; Norview; Ocean View; Park Place; Poplar Halls; Riverpoint; Riverview; Sewell’s Point; Talbot Park; Tidewater Park; Titustown; Wards Corner; West Freemason; and Willoughby Spit.


I also handle workers compensation claims for employees who work for: Sentara Healthcare; Norfolk City School Board; City of Norfolk; Old Dominion University (ODU); Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters; contractors at Norfolk Naval Station; Norfolk State University; Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center; S.O.S. Security; Tidewater Community College; Virginia International Terminal; Colonnas Shipyard; Maersk Line Limited; Southwest Airlines; Marine Hydraulics International; Lake Taylor Hospital; Aramark Campus; and many other employers.


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