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Is a physical impairment or mental illness keeping you sidelined and unable to work? Then you may be entitled to government disability benefits. These disability benefits can help you pay your rent or mortgage, cover medical bills, and provide for food and clothing when your temporary or permanent disability prevents you from working.


The Social Security claims process is complicated and the majority of initial applications are denied. Do not let a mistake on your application or lack of knowledge of the rules stop you from getting the disability benefits you need and deserve. Contact Corey Pollard to speak with a Williamsburg Social Security Disability lawyer who can help you win your claim. If you’re eligible for benefits we’ll help you complete your application in a way that improves your chances of getting approved. And if your initial application is denied we’ll build your case and develop the evidence needed to increase your chances of a favorable resolution. Call us today at 757-810-5614 to begin.


Social Security Disability Benefits in Williamsburg, VA


The Social Security Administration offers many disability benefit programs. The two most common are: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both programs share the same definition of disabled and both have stringent eligibility requirements. It is difficult to get approved under either program. But experienced Williamsburg SSD attorney and College of William and Mary graduate Corey Pollard can help you and your family.



What is SSDI?


SSDI is a disability benefit program funded by the federal government. Benefits through this program are available to Williamsburg and James City County residents who:


  • Have worked jobs for at least 5 of the last 10 years where taxes from earnings were paid into Social Security; and,


  • Suffer a medical impairment, or combination of medical impairments, that cause restrictions that meet Social Security’s definition of disability.


You must show that you have paid enough into the system during the last 10 years to qualify. This is done through providing a detailed summary of your job positions, including employers, and earnings. Whether you have enough work credits depends on your age.


If you are under 24 then you must have worked at least 1.5 of the last 3 years. If you are between 24 and 31 years of age then you must have worked at least half of the last 6 years to qualify. And if you’re over 31 then you must have worked at least 5 of the last 10 years.


Even if you demonstrate that your medical condition has kept you from working any job in the country for at least the past year, you must also prove that you have enough work credits to get approved for SSDI.


These are just the basic requirements of the SSDI program. There are other rules and regulations you may need to satisfy. But if you meet these criteria then Williamsburg disability lawyer Corey Pollard can help you apply for SSDI benefits.


Understanding SSI


SSI is a needs-based disability program also funded by the federal government. Since it is funded by a general fund, you do not need to have a strong work history to qualify for SSI in Williamsburg. In fact you can qualify for SSI benefits even if you’ve never worked or have had little earnings in the past.


Monthly cash benefits are available through SSI to adults in Williamsburg who:


  • Have little or no income;
  • Suffer from a mental or physical condition causing disability;
  • Are over 65 years of age; or
  • Are blind.


If you’re not sure whether you qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits, call or email Williamsburg Social Security Disability attorney Corey Pollard. Your consultation is free and there is no obligation that you hire us as your lawyer. Call 757-810-5614 to get started with your application for SSDI or SSI.



I live in Toano but am unable to work. How do I know if I meet the SSA’s definition of disability?


The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a five-step process to evaluate disability claims and to determine if a claimant meets its definition of disability. Here is an overview of the questions the SSA will ask when determining your case:


  1. Are you working? If you’re working full time, or are working part-time but making more than $1300 per month, you will likely not be entitled to SSDI or SSI benefits.
  2. Do you have at least one severe medical impairment? The SSA will review your medical records and function reports to determine whether you a) have been diagnosed with a medical condition and b) whether that condition is severe in that it causes you restrictions in your activities of daily living.
  3. Do you meet the criteria for a condition found in the Listing of Impairments? The SSA will find you disabled if you meet the criteria for one of the medical conditions found in its Listing of Impairments. But it is difficult to meet this criteria.
  4. Are you able to return to your past work? You won’t receive an automatic denial if you fail to meet the criteria for a condition in the Listing. But you will get denied if the SSA finds that you’re capable of returning to your past relevant work despite your restrictions caused by your medical impairments.
  5. Is there any other work you can do? If you can perform a new job that is less demanding physically or mentally then the SSA may deny your claim for benefits – even if no one is hiring for the job in James City County. This is the step where most claims are denied.


James City County residents can apply for Social Security benefits online, by phone, or by visiting the nearest Social Security field office in Newport News. Or you can call Williamsburg disability lawyer Corey Pollard to apply.



How Can a Social Security Disability Attorney in Williamsburg Help Me and My Family?


You can pursue disability benefits on your own. But we don’t recommend it. The disability claims process is complex and most applicants are denied after filing their initial application.


When you choose to work with Corey Pollard, you’ll have an aggressive advocate who will fight to protect your legal rights and will give you the best possible chance of getting approved. Our firm will make sure that you avoid making costly mistakes that lead to delay and even denials. We’ll make sure that you comply with all requests for evidence and deadlines. The process is hassle free when you hire us.


Meet with a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Williamsburg for Free


Frustrating. Overcomplicated. Burdensome. These are all words that describe the application process for Social Security in Virginia. We know that many disabled residents of Williamsburg and James City County need these benefits to survive – and deserve the. Let us help you get approved for the SSDI or SSI benefits that you’re owed. Call us today at 757-810-5614 to see how we can help with your Williamsburg disability case. We’re the disability attorneys for you in you live in Centerville, Croaker, Five Forks, Grove, Indigo Park, Jamestown, Kingspoint, Lightfoot, Norge, Toano, or Lanexa, VA.