How We Work For You – The Corey Pollard SSDI Application Process


Find Out What Our Disability Lawyers Do For Your Social Security Disability Claim


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program funded through an employee payroll tax. Its purpose is to provide monthly income and medical coverage to adults who are unable to work because of a physical or mental disability. You may qualify for SSDI benefits if you have worked and paid into the Social Security program for five of the last 10 years and meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) definition of disability. If you are under the age of 31 then a different calculation for work credits may apply.


There are four levels in the SSA’s administrative review process that governs how it decides claims for disability insurance benefits, plus a fifth level that takes place after you exhaust all administrative appeals. Few applicants go through all five levels of the SSDI process.


This article explains how Corey Pollard can help you get approved for benefits at every step of the SSDI application process. Keep reading for more information, or contact us today for a free, no obligation disability evaluation to determine your likelihood of getting approved for SSDI benefits in Virginia and nearby states such as Maryland, DC, West Virginia, and North Carolina.


Level One – Initial Application


Our Richmond VA disability law firm will help you before you even file a Social Security Disability application by telling you what information and documents to gather to increase your chance of success at the initial level and to make sure your claim is processed quickly. We will then help you complete all forms – including the Application for Disability Insurance Benefits, Adult Disability Report, Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire, Adult Function Report, Work History Report, and Adult Pain Report – and develop the case by gathering and submitting helpful medical and vocational records. Because we’ve helped thousands of adults get approved for SSDI benefits, we know what the SSA is looking for and have a higher than average success rate at the initial application level.


Level Two – Request for Reconsideration


If your initial application for disability benefits is denied, Corey Pollard will review the initial determination denying your claim and file a request for reconsideration, also known as a disability appeal, on your behalf. We will discuss the initial determination with you and help you gather updated medical records, treating physician opinion statements, and vocational information to strengthen your case. The majority of claims are denied at the request for reconsideration level, but it is important that you build the record to improve your chance of success at the next levels.


Level Three – Administrative Law Judge Hearing


If your request for reconsideration is denied by the SSA then we will file a request for hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ).


While you are waiting for your disability hearing to be scheduled, we will monitor your claim and communicate with the SSA’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). This includes reviewing the SSA’s electronic file and any consultative examination examination reports ordered.


We will get medical records and supportive narrative statements from your treating doctors, file a written brief and position statement before the hearing to try to get a favorable on-the-record decision, meet with your treating health care providers, prepare you and your witnesses for the hearing, question the medical expert and vocational expert, and present your case at hearing through oral argument, direct examination, and cross examination.


We have a high success rate at the Social Security Disability hearing level. This is because we are familiar with the ALJs who handle disability hearings in Richmond, Norfolk, and Roanoke – and we know how to tailor your case to their preferences.



Level Four – Appeals Council Review


If the ALJ issues a written decision denying your case, we will review the judicial opinion and evidence with you and explain your options. Usually you have two options: file an appeal with the Appeals Council or file a new application for disability benefits. If we decide to request review by the Appeals Council then we will file the appeal, submit updated medical evidence, and file an issue statement explaining why the ALJ made an incorrect decision. A small percentage of ALJ decisions are overturned at this level.


Requesting review by the Appeals Council is the last level of the SSA’s administrative review process for disability benefits claims.


Level Five – Filing a Lawsuit in Federal District Court


If you’ve exhausted all administrative appeals then you can file a lawsuit against the SSA in federal district court. This is the final level in the SSDI process. We represent clients in federal district court regularly and have obtained many victories in federal disability claims. We do this by filing detailed complaints in federal court and backing up our allegations with well researched and well written motions for summary judgment.


Your Attorney for the SSDI Claims Process in Virginia, Maryland, DC, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania


We have experience winning claims for our disabled clients at every level of the SSDI process. And we don’t charge a fee unless you get approved for SSDI benefits. The SSA regulates the fee and it is never more than $6,000 at the administrative level.


You have nothing to lose! Call, text, or email Corey Pollard, one of the top disability attorneys in Norfolk, Richmond, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville today.