So you’ve received a response on your claim for benefits you filed with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. The insurance company has accepted your claim. What a relief! Now you can focus on your health and recovery.

Unfortunately an accepted Virginia workers compensation claim is just the beginning. Think of it like purchasing a home. When your offer is accepted on a house, you still have to pay the mortgage and taxes and make repairs. For many injured employees, an accepted claim means the Virginia workers’ compensation process is just starting.

An approved Virginia workers compensation claim may be followed by independent medical examinations (IMEs), vocational rehabilitation, the employer trying to force you to return to work, a light duty job, change in condition applications, employer applications to suspend benefits, hearings, appeals, and lump sum worker comp settlement. Work injury claims are rarely resolved easily.

You can help yourself by talking to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney right away. This gives you the best chance of protecting your rights and making sure you receive all the workers’ compensation benefits you are owed. An experienced Virginia workers compensation lawyer can also help you build your case for a top-dollar workers’ compensation settlement.

We can explain your rights and options to you. And make sure you are prepared for each stage of the work comp process. Hundreds of injured employees have turned to us for help, and we’re proud of the results we have obtained for them. Fill out the form on the right side of the screen or call us at 804-251-1620 or 757-810-5614 for a free review of your case.

Procedure in An Approved Claim

Additional Issues in Accepted Virginia Workers’ Compensation Claims

Read the articles below for more information on the issues you may face if your Virginia workers’ compensation claim is approved.

Virginia workers’ compensation is difficult to understand and navigate. An innocent mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in benefits, or more. Hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney puts you in the best situation possible to recover all the benefits and monetary damages you are owed.