If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, your employer may send you a letter telling you to attend a vocational interview. Don’t attend the interview alone! Contact an attorney. The person conducting the interview works for your employer. They are looking out for the employer’s interests, not yours.

Attending a vocational interview without an attorney in your corner is a mistake. You may say or do something that has a negative impact on your workers’ comp claim or the value of your workers’ compensation settlement. Contact us now if you get a call or letter from a vocational counselor. We’ll provide a free evaluation of your claim. Call 1-804-251-1620, 1-757-810-5614, or complete the form to your right.

What is the Point of Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is meant to rebuild work skills while an injured employee is recovering from a workplace accident or occupational disease. Sometimes an injured worker can return to his or her regular job. Other times an injured worker is unable to return to their regular job because of permanent restrictions. Vocational rehabilitation training is one of the workers’ compensation benefitsoffered in Virginia.

Examples of Vocational Rehabilitation in Virginia

The vocational services to which an injured worker may be entitled in Virginia include:

  • Vocational evaluation
  • On-the-job training
  • Job coaching
  • Job development
  • Counseling

These services must be provided by a certified provider. If the provider does not have the proper certification, your attorney can move to quash vocational rehabilitation.

Employee Refusal of Vocational Rehabilitation

If an employee refuses vocational rehabilitation, then his or her right to weekly temporary total disability benefits may be suspended. The question then becomes whether the employee’s refusal was justified. An employee cannot be required to participate in voc rehab unless they have received a medical release to return to some form of work.

We recommend that you contact a workers compensation attorney in Virginia if your employer or its insurance company asks you to participate in vocational rehabilitation. Some voc counselors are aggressive and will ask you to do things not permitted by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Vocational Rehabilitation Guidelines. Your attorney can help keep the voc rehab counselor in line and make sure your benefits continue.

Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer

The laws regarding vocational rehabilitation training are complicated. Richmond, Virginia work injury lawyer Corey Pollard can answer your questions about the right to vocational training.

Virginia Workers' Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Guidelines