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Television and media portray working for an airline as nothing but fun and glamour. But behind the scenes, airline employees work hard to make sure that passengers and cargo reach their destination safely and timely.


Working for an airline is high-risk and stressful. Baggage handlers and grounds crew members often suffer job injuries while lifting and carrying heavy bags or moving necessary equipment. Flight attendants are at risk of getting hurt on the job when lifting and moving items including luggage and food carts, encountering turbulence in the air, or getting struck by items falling from overhead compartments. Maintenance workers can suffer serious personal injuries or even death when working on the airplanes or when airplane parts or components malfunction. And pilots risk injury during turbulence or when lifting and carrying luggage throughout the airport. No matter your job, airline employee workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help you get the benefits and compensation to which you are entitled after an airline work accident – either in the air or on the ground.



If you are hurt while working for an airline, then you may be entitled to different types of workers compensation benefits in Virginia. These benefits include:


  • Temporary total disability compensation for wage loss due to your airline work injury. These benefits are available if your doctor takes you out of work completely or if your doctor restricts you to light duty but your airline refuses to accommodate your work restrictions. We have found these wage replacement benefits to be important in airline employee workers’ comp cases, since many air carriers will not provide light duty beyond 90 days.


  • Temporary partial disability compensation for partial wage loss due to your airline work injury. In our experience many airlines will offer light duty work for a short period – anywhere from a few weeks to 90 days – before forcing you to take a leave of absence. You may earn less while working light duty. If so then you could be eligible for wage loss compensation benefits from the airline during this period. This is why it’s so important to have an airline employee workers comp lawyer negotiate the most advantageous pre-injury average weekly wage possible.


  • Permanent partial disability benefits for any permanent loss of use or function due to your airline work injury. These benefits are important for airline employees who return to work after an on-the-job-accident. In our experience many airlines won’t settle a case if an employee returns to work, so it’s important for an injured airline employee to maximize the permanent partial disability benefits available to him or her. Common injuries eligible for PPD benefits include shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, and wrist injuries.


  • Payment of lifetime medical expenses related to your airline work injury. This includes doctors’ visits, surgeries, medication, and related costs.


  • Vocational rehabilitation if you’re unable to return to your pre-injury employment with the airline and need additional training or schooling to return to the work force. Many airline employees with workers’ comp claims in Virginia live elsewhere in the U.S. You are entitled to vocational rehabilitation services no matter where you live.


  • Workers compensation settlements for injured airline employees. We have successfully negotiated many workers comp settlements for hurt airline employees. This means that you accept a lump sum payment to resolve your airline workers comp claim. An experienced airline employee workers compensation attorney will know what additional provisions to negotiate so that you can keep your vested benefits, including flight benefits, even if you resign as a term of settlement.


Though the Virginia Workers Compensation Act provides for these benefits, don’t be surprised if your airline, its insurance company, or the third-party administrator (TPA) initially deny your claim. They may demand that you see an airline doctor and then pressure the airline doctor into releasing you to return to work before you are ready physically. The airline may also try to force you to undergo aggressive vocational rehabilitation efforts not permitted by Virginia workers compensation law. You need an experienced and bold Virginia airline employee workers compensation lawyer to protect your legal rights and to help you get the benefits you deserve.


What Will Airline Workers’ Compensation Attorney Corey Pollard Do For Me?


As your airline employee workers comp lawyer, Corey Pollard will take care of the following:



  • Investigating your case and conducting discovery to determine what evidence is available and the airline’s strategy to defend against your claim. This includes obtaining a copy of your personnel file, issuing interrogatories and requests for production, and deposing employer representatives and witnesses.


  • Work with your doctors and other experts to build your case.



  • Fight back against employer applications for hearing and dispute forms that try to suspend or minimize your benefits.



  • Answer your questions about the workers compensation process.


  • Make sure that you maximize all benefits available to you under workers compensation and your airline’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA). It’s important to hire an attorney familiar with workers comp claims filed by labor union members so that all efforts are coordinated and your compensation is maximized.



Virginia airline employees workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard has extensive experience serving as the workplace accident attorney for injured airline employees who work for some of the world’s largest air carriers. We can obtain workers compensation benefits or settlements for airline employees hurt while working for the following airlines:



As a workers compensation lawyer for airline employees, Corey Pollard does not restrict his practice to injured airline workers who live in Virginia. We often represent injured airline employees who live and work outside of Virginia, but have employment contracts that give Virginia jurisdiction over workers comp claims or who were hurt while based at in-state airports, specifically Dulles Airport. In fact, we’ve obtained successful resolutions in workers comp claims for airline employees living in Texas, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – just to name a few states. So don’t let distance keep you from getting the workers compensation you deserve from your airline.


Workers Compensation Attorney For Airline Employees In All Occupations


No matter your occupation, we can serve as your workers compensation lawyer if you’re an injured airline employee. We work with you to investigate the work comp claim, gather the evidence, and prepare your initial claim for benefits to improve your chance of early success. We will advise you regarding steps you can take to have the best chance of a full recovery from your injuries and to receive the most amount of money for your work accident. If necessary, we will try your case before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and the Court of Appeals of Virginia.


We represent all types of airline workers and airport employees who have suffered workplace injuries, occupational diseases, and airport injuries, including:


  • Airline and Commercial Pilots – Pilots fly and navigate different aircraft, including airplanes and helicopters. They are prone to fatigue and jet lag, which increases the likelihood of injury. Some pilots may also be exposed to toxic chemicals.


  • Baggage handlers — The most common types of workplace injuries for baggage lifters include strains, sprains, fractures, and herniated discs from lifting and carrying heavy objects. Falling luggage from conveyor belts also pose a threat.


  • Security personnel — Airline security personnel are frequently called on to keep passengers and co-workers safe. Because of their job responsibilities, airline security personnel frequently experience injuries caused by items in carry-on bags, items falling off conveyor belts, lifting, and assaults.


  • Flight attendants — Flight attendants are asked to do a number of different tasks, including providing routine services and responding to emergencies to ensure the comfort and safety of airline passengers. Turbulence, hard landings, moving luggage in overhead bins, exposure to toxic fumes, and unruly passengers can all cause muscle, joint, tendon, and bone injuries.


  • Maintenance workers and grounds crew members — These are the airline employees rarely seen by the general public, but who are vital to making sure passengers get from point A to point B. Physical injuries, vision loss, and hearing loss caused by malfunctioning tools and machinery, defective safety equipment, and exposure to loud noise are common occurrences among maintenance workers and grounds crew members for airlines.


  • Office employees — Airline employees who perform administrative tasks also suffer injuries injuries including slip and falls or overexertion injuries while moving items.


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