Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer for Ankle and Foot Injuries


If you’re like me, you probably take being able to do your job and complete your activities of daily living for granted. Having good use of our feet and ankles is something we expect – until a workplace accident suddenly reminds us how important our feet and ankles are and how limited we are when they’re injured.


Ankle and foot injuries are some of the most common workers compensation claims in Virginia, especially for employees who do lots of walking, standing, and driving during their workday. More than 25 percent of the bones in our bodies are located in the foot, and these bones are connected by various muscles, ligaments, and tendons. And when these muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons are not working together due to a job injury, you may require significant recovery time and medical treatment.


Many ankle and foot injuries are compensable under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. You are entitled to workers compensation benefitstemporary total disability; temporary partial disability; permanent partial disability; lifetime medical treatment; and, vocational rehabilitation – regardless of who caused your injury.


If you have been denied benefits or if the insurance company is threatening to suspend or terminate your benefits, contact an experienced workers compensation attorney right away. Corey Pollard fights for the rights of injured workers across Virginia. Our Richmond-based law firm is ready to help you and your family get the compensation you deserve for your financial, medical, and emotional stress.


Work-Related Ankle and Foot Injuries Affect Your Mobility


A broken ankle, sprained ankle, fractured foot, crush injury, plantar fasciitis, or any other ankle or foot injury can make it difficult to do your job, especially if you have to be on your feet all day. Even those of you with sedentary desk jobs may have trouble working full-time because of the swelling and pain caused by your ankle or foot injury.


Trying to navigate the workers compensation claims process while dealing with an ankle or foot injury that limits your mobility and makes you miss time from work can increase your stress and anxiety. But workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help.


After you are injured at work, notify your employer right away and seek medical treatment from a qualified physician. Then call us. We can help you choose the most claimant friendly doctor on the panel of physicians offered by the employer or its insurance company.


Working With Expert Witnesses to Build Your Virginia Workers Compensation Case


Corey Pollard works with surgeons, medical experts, and vocational experts to determine the full value of your claim and to help you negotiate a lump sum workers compensation settlement.


We represent all types of injured workers with foot and ankle injury claims, including those injured in:


  • Auto repair
  • Construction
  • Driving
  • Farming
  • Industrial work
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Nursing and health care
  • Office work
  • Shipping and trucking
  • Utility work
  • Warehouse accidents
  • And much more


Ankle and foot injuries suffered while working can develop gradually or happen suddenly. Don’t try to tough it out. Seek medical care for your ankle or foot injury right away so that you can get the benefits you deserve.


The feet and ankles are complicated structures. They each have dozens of muscles, ligaments, and moving parts. It’s important to pinpoint the exact injury so that you can obtain the appropriate medical care.


Foot and ankle injury lawyer Corey Pollard provides compassionate representation to injured workers. He has handled many claims involving ankle and foot injuries. For example he has obtained the following results for workers with ankle and foot injuries in Virginia:


  • $200,000.00 plus medical care and a closed period of wage loss benefits for an injured worker who hurt both feet
  • Ongoing wage loss benefits and three surgeries for a worker who suffered a crush injury to her foot when a heavy item fell on it.
  • $175,000.00 plus medical care and a closed period of wage loss benefits for an injured worker who suffered a crush injury to his foot requiring amputation of toes.


Contact Us Today for Help With Your Workers Comp Ankle and Foot Injuries


An injury to the foot or ankle can affect your gait and cause problems with your knees, hips, and back. We can help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve for your work-related ankle and foot injuries, so that your workplace accident does not cause financial hardship. All you have to do is contact us for a free consultation. There is no fee unless we recover benefits for you.