Are You a Flight Attendant Who Has Sustained a Job Injury? Turn to Virginia Flight Attendant Workers' Compensation Attorney Corey Pollard.

Flight attendants have a job unlike any other. Though work injuries can happen in any occupation, flight attendants have a high rate of workplace accidents because they spend so much time working thousands of feet in the air. An otherwise minor injury can become severe when there is no way to get medical treatment quickly. If you are injured on the job, contact flight attendant workers’ compensation lawyer Corey Pollard for a free consultation and evaluation of your legal rights. He has helped many injured flight attendants like you get Virginia workers compensation and Social Security disability benefits.

Many flight attendant injury claims become complicated. This happens for a number of reasons. Your employer may deny your workers’ comp claim. Or it may accept your claim but then delay payment of your wage loss benefits or authorization of your medical treatment. Your employer may pressure you to accept a lump sum settlement that is inadequate or that negatively impacts your rights under a collective bargaining agreement. Your employer may also try to force you to file a workers compensation claim in a jurisdiction that is unfriendly to injured workers and that limits available benefits when you can pursue your injury claim in Virginia.

Facts About Flight Attendant Injuries on the Job

Studies have shown that as many as 10 percent of flight attendants and workers in the aviation industry report an injury that required medical attention beyond first aid or caused lost time from work each year. These workplace accidents and injuries are caused by a number of on the job threats to flight attendants, like:

  • slipping on galley floors
  • falling on icy and slippery walkways
  • breathing bad cabin air or toxic fumes (“sick airplane syndrome”)
  • wrist, back, arm, or shoulder injuries from operating poorly designed food and beverage carts in tight spaces
  • handling heavy carry-on luggage
  • suffering a herniated disc or hip injury from in-flight turbulence
  • spine, head, or neck injuries during a rough landing or takeoff
  • shoulder and back injuries from reaching for items in the overhead bin
  • assaults from unruly passengers

Flight attendants also risk exposure to infectious diseases since they are often called on to help passengers facing in-flight medical emergencies.

Flight attendant workers’ compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help you with your workers’ compensation, employment law, disability, or personal injury claim. He has experience getting results for and will help injured flight attendants with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, Southwest Airlines, jetBlue, Frontier, SkyWest, Allegiant, US Airways, Spirit, United, Delta, and Virgin America. Call Corey today for a free consultation and evaluation of your legal rights.

An Airplane or Airport Job Injury Can Impact Your Career

Some work injuries are severe enough that the injured flight attendant must take a leave of absence from work to get the appropriate medical care. Some injured flight attendants also require mental health treatment before they return to work, especially if their injury was traumatic. Your airline and its insurance company may fight your claim tooth and nail. That’s why you need a bold and experienced flight attendant work injury lawyer like Corey Pollard on your side. He can help you work through the medical, vocational, and collective bargaining agreement issues that may impact your work injury case.

Let Flight Attendant Workers' Compensation Lawyer Corey Pollard Help You

If you are a flight attendant who has been injured on the job, you should not have to deal with an aggressive employer or insurer. You should have the opportunity to focus on your help and recovery. Virginia airline employees workers compensation lawyer and flight attendant job injury attorney Corey Pollard will provide you with personal attention to help you maximize your recovery. For a free consultation, call 804-251-1620 or email us today.