I was injured while working for Wegmans. What do I do?


Grocery store employees have difficult jobs. Though many supermarket positions offer flexible work schedules and room to advance, they also expose employees to on the job hazards. These hazards can cause catastrophic injuries that leave the employee with many questions:


  • How will I support my family?
  • How will I pay the rent or mortgage?
  • Who is going to pay my health insurance premiums?
  • What do I do if I’m unable to return to my pre-injury work?


These questions can cause increased stress, which is made worse by the fact that many grocery store employees are entry level workers who live paycheck to paycheck.


This article explains how workplace injury lawyer Corey Pollard can help you obtain workers compensation benefits¬†and a lump sum work accident settlement if you’re a Wegmans employee who was hurt on the job.


What is Wegmans Food Markets?


Founded in 1913, Wegmans is a private regional supermarket chain headquartered in Gates, New York. It is regularly selected as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”


Wegmans has roughly 58,000 employees in 90 stores across Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Wegmans has Virginia locations in: Alexandria; Charlottesville; Dulles; Fairfax; Fredericksburg; Lake Manassas; Leesburg; Midlothian; Potomac; and, Short Pump.


Workers Compensation for Injured Wegmans Workers


If you’re hurt while working at Wegmans, you may be entitled to wage loss benefits and medical coverage under the Workers Compensation Act. Virginia requires employers with more than two employees to carry workers comp coverage.


As a Wegmans employee you do not have to pay for your own workers compensation coverage. The employer is responsible for that cost.


If you prove that you suffered an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of your employment or an occupational disease related to your work, then you can receive many benefits. The value of your wage loss benefits and permanent partial disability compensation depends on your pre-injury average weekly wage, the severity of your injury, and the body part injured.


To receive any of these benefits you must first file a claim for workers compensation in Virginia. If your claim is accepted then Wegmans will offer an award agreement. If your claim is denied then you will need to present your case at a workers compensation hearing. Corey Pollard can help you with that.


What Risks Do Wegmans Employees Face on the Job?


No matter how careful the employer and employee are, workplace accidents still happen. Your risk of being hurt while working at Wegmans depends on your job duties. Common workplace injuries include:


  • Cashiers: Running a register for hours each day requires frequent hand use. This can cause arm, hand, and wrist injuries.


  • Stockers: Those of you who stock shelves are at risk of suffering spinal cord injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries because of the heavy items you must lift, often in awkward positions. Stocking at heights that require a ladder increases the risk of injury.


  • Deli Employees: Those of you who work in the bakery or deli at Wegmans are likely exposed to hot plates, hot ovens, sharp knives, and cutting instruments that can cause injuries. You may also hurt yourself in a slip and fall on a wet surface.


  • Delivery Drivers: Driving on the road increases your risk of being hurt in a car accident.


Need Help with a Wegmans Workers Compensation Claim?


Have a question about what it takes to get the compensation and medical care you deserve? We can help. Contact Wegmans workers comp attorney Corey Pollard for help with your case. We understand you’re going through a difficult time after your job injury, so there is no fee unless you get additional benefits and care.