Workers Compensation Attorney for Professional Athletes and Entertainment Professionals


Professional athletes and employees in the entertainment industry have an increased risk of work injury compared to other employees. This is because of how physically challenging their work is. Every day they are expected to perform at a high level – on top of long hours spent practicing. Injury can hurt professional athletes, causing them to miss time from work, get demoted, and even have to end their career. This is on top of lifelong medical treatment and therapy and permanent disability.


Corey Pollard has helped injured professional athletes and entertainers across the nation, including figure skaters and actors and stuntmen, obtain workers compensation benefits in Virginia. Call or e-mail us today so that we can help you.


Injury Can End the Career of a Professional Athlete and Entertainer


We help figure skaters, actors, stuntmen/stuntwoman, and professional athletes injured in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, AHL, AFL, MLS, MLL, NLL, minor leagues, and other sports such as auto racing. We can help regardless of whether you were injured in practice or during a game. As an athlete you often have to travel to perform. If your injury is related to your work, we can help. And if your injury ends your athletic career, we can help you qualify for Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability benefits in addition to workers compensation.


We Can Negotiate a Workers Compensation Resolution Under the Terms of Your Collective Bargaining Agreement


As a professional athlete or entertainer, you may be part of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). We regularly help union members negotiate workers compensation settlements in light of their CBAs, and we can help you. Our Richmond-based work injury law firm has represented hundreds of injured workers and recovered tens of millions of dollars in benefits and cash payments on their behalf.


Get Workers Compensation for Your Sports Injury


Sometimes professional athletes and entertainment professionals do not experience symptoms until well after the initial accident. Even so, you may still be entitled to benefits under workers compensation and other disability benefit programs. Arthritis, back problems, concussions, knee surgeries, and other overuse injuries may be compensable if you can prove that a specific accident aggravated and worsened the underlying condition caused by years of sports. We’ll evaluate your case to determine the best strategy for you and your family. Just call or e-mail today.