How to Get a Workers Compensation Settlement in Virginia


Getting hurt on the job is one of the most difficult things you’ll face in life. A work-related injury or the diagnosis of an occupational disease will have a significant impact on you and your family. A Virginia workers compensation settlement can help reduce your stress.


Injured workers in Virginia deserve quick payment of wage loss and income benefits, coverage of necessary medical treatment, payment for permanent disability and loss of use, and fair Virginia workers compensation settlements. Instead they often face a complicated system where employers and insurance companies deny claims, delay payment of wage loss benefits, and offer a lowball workers comp settlement. Fight back!


Call or e-mail experienced Virginia workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard for help preparing your case, calculating its value, and negotiating a fair Virginia workers compensation settlement. We help injured employees get top-dollar workers’ comp settlements for their damages. Keep reading for more information on how to increase the value of your Virginia workers compensation claim. And check out our VA workers compensation settlement calculator to determine a fair settlement amount for your injuries.

Virginia Workers Compensation Settlements We Have Obtained for Injured Employees