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Companies should look out for their employees and provide a safe workplace. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. And even when it does, work accidents and injuries cannot be eliminated completely. These injuries range from minor to so severe that they leave you permanently disabled and force you to change careers, if you’re able to return to work at all.


If you’re looking for a work injury lawyer in Virginia, we can help. Midlothian workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard will fight for your rights as an injured worker. We’ve obtained tens of millions of dollars in benefits and medical treatment on behalf of injured employees, so you know we have the skills needed to help you reach a successful resolution of your claim for workers compensation benefits.


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Why You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Midlothian, VA


Taking on the company you work for and its insurance company in a legal dispute can be overwhelming. You’re just one person going up against a company with more money, more attorneys, and more resources you have. This can be difficult to overcome.


Hiring a Midlothian workers compensation lawyer will level the playing field. It improves your chances of getting treated fairly and receiving the maximum compensation possible. Every dollar counts when you need to take care of yourself and your family. An experienced Midlothian workers comp attorney will be your champion and fighter in the long workers compensation claim process.


Get a winning workers compensation team on your side. Check out the results we’ve obtained for injured workers like you.


Filing for Workers Compensation in Midlothian


Virginia workers comp is a no-fault system. This means that you are entitled to benefits even if your negligence caused the workplace injury. There are, however, some requirements you must meet:


  • You must establish that there was an employer/employee relationship
  • You must have sustained a specific injury
  • Your injury must have happened while at work or while performing a work-related task
  • Some specific risk of the employment must have caused your accident and injury


If your employer and its insurance company are dragging their feet or denying your claim, our Midlothian workers compensation lawyer can help. Call today for help with your Midlothian workers compensation claim. We can help you prove that you’re entitled to the following types of Virginia workers’ compensation benefits:





  • Vocational Training if you’re forced to change career paths because of permanent work restrictions.



Don’t delay. Call our Midlothian workers comp lawyer today. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act has a two year statute of limitations. Wait longer than that to file your formal claim and you may be barred from receiving any monetary award

Workplace Liability and Workers Comp


In most cases your employer has to cover your medical bills and pay you lost wages, even if your actions or behavior caused the accident. There are, however, some actions that may bar you from receiving workers compensation in Virginia. For example, the employer may argue that you’re not entitled to benefits because:


  • You were intoxicated or under the influence while at work and this caused your injury
  • You had a pre-existing condition that is responsible for your ongoing symptoms
  • You were violating a safety rule that was put in place to protect you at the time you were injured.


Employers usually have the burden of proving these defenses. But you should be proactive about building your claim. That’s why it’s important to retain a Midlothian workers compensation lawyer right away.


Protect Yourself from Retaliation from an Employer after Your Work Injury


In Virginia it is illegal for an employer to retaliate or discriminate against you after you have filed a workers’ compensation claim. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Be on the lookout for the following employer tactics:


  • Forcing termination if you don’t violate your light duty restrictions
  • Reducing your wages
  • Reducing your work hours
  • Intimidating you
  • Demoting you
  • Suspending you for trivial reasons


Don’t hesitate to seek legal help if your employer is retaliating against you. We’ll take action to protect your legal rights and make sure you’re treated fairly.


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Workers’ comp claims are stressful. One wrong move can leave you and your family without the support you need. And employers and insurance companies are often looking for a way to make you make a mistake. By hiring Midlothian workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard, you can have peace of mind that someone is fighting on your behalf.


Call today and let’s talk about your claim. We represent injured employees in Midlothian, Salisbury, Briarwood, Roxshire, Walton Park, Queensmill, Stonehenge West, Woodlake, Brandermill, and everywhere along Route 360, Midlothian Turnpike, and state Route 288. No matter your employer – UPS; Chesterfield County; Wal-Mart; Target; Kroger; Dominion; DuPont; Wegmans; Food Lion; and anywhere else in Midlothian VA – we can help. And if you’re unable to return to work after your on the job accident, our Chesterfield disability attorney will help you qualify for SSDI benefits and SSI.