You May Receive Virginia Work Comp Benefits for Loss of Vision

We’ve represented many clients who suffered eye injuries on the job. Whether you are a construction worker who has to worry about pieces of shrapnel, a factory worker who has to worry about a light falling from the ceiling, or a warehouse worker struck by a falling object, an eye injury can happen at anytime. When this happens to you, Virginia workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help you get the workers’ comp benefits, lump sum settlement, and permanent partial disability benefits you deserve for your vision loss.

How Does the Virginia Workers' Compensation Calculate Vision Loss?

Virginia Code Section 65.2-503 covers loss of vision due to a work-related accident. This is the same code section that covers other body parts.

Total vision loss in an eye is compensated at 100 weeks of disability benefits multiplied by your percentage impairment. For example, let’s say your pre-injury average weekly wage is $600. That means your compensation rate is $400 per week. If you have 100% loss of vision in your right eye, then you would receive $40,000.00 for your vision loss. If your doctor gives you 10 percent loss of vision in your right eye, then you would receive $4,000.00 in disability benefits.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission calculates loss of vision by measurement of deviation from normal of vision fields, visual acuity, and ocular motility. When determining the percentage impairment to assign you for your vision loss, the Commission uses Snellen’s Chart, which is found at Rule 13 of the Rules of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

The Snellen Eye Chart was developed by Hermann Snellen, a Dutch eye doctor, in the 1800s. It measures the loss of visual acuity. If you’ve had an eye exam before, then you’ve likely seen the Snellen Eye Chart. It is the chart that your eye doctor asks you to read no the wall. Below is the breakdown of how the Commission determines vision loss in Virginia work comp claims:

Snellen's Chart Readings Percentage of Loss of Visual Acuity
20/20 0
20/25 5
20/30 10
20/40 20
20/50 25
20/60 33 1/2
20/70 40
20/80 50
20/90 62 1/2
20/100 75
20/110 80
20/120 85
20/130 87
20/140 89
20/150 91
20/160 93
20/170 95
20/180 97
20/190 99
20/200 100

If a work-related accident caused an injury to your eye, do not wait for the insurance company to call and help you out. Be proactive and make sure that you and your family are protected. Call work comp attorney Corey Pollard for a free consultation. You can reach him at 804-251-1620 or 757-810-5614, or by completing the form to your right. He’ll take care of the legal matters while you focus on regaining your vision and returning to work so that you can provide for yourself or your family.