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Get All the Benefits and Compensation You Deserve after Your Workplace Accident in Petersburg, VA


You can file your own workers compensation claim in Virginia or hire an attorney who is inexperienced in workplace accident claims. But then you’d be rolling the dice with your health, finances, and ability to return to work. That’s why we recommend contacting one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Petersburg, VA, Corey Pollard, for a free consultation. We’ll pursue all the workers compensation benefits you’re entitled to and take your case to a workers comp hearing if it is denied by the insurance carrier.


No matter how obvious it is that you suffered an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of your employment, your employer and its insurance carrier may still deny you all the benefits you’re owed and force you to go through litigation to prove you’re owed benefits. Call Petersburg workers comp attorney Corey Pollard today to protect your legal rights. We serve injured employees and their families throughout Petersburg. So if you’ve been hurt while working for a company in the transportation area, driving on Interstate Highways 85, 95, 295, 1, 301, or 460, or performing any other employment-related task, we can help. Just call 804-251-1620 today.


Workers’ Comp Benefits in Petersburg, VA


If you were injured on the job or cannot work because of an occupational disease, you may be entitled to the following benefits paid by your employer:


  • Medical benefits – Your employer, through its workers compensation insurance carrier, must pay for all reasonable, necessary, and authorized medical bills related to your work injury. In Virginia you usually need to treat with a doctor from the employer’s panel of physicians to get your medical bills paid. If you don’t think you’re receiving adequate care, a Petersburg workers comp attorney can help you take appropriate action.



  • Permanent Impairment – You may receive compensation for any physical limitation, anatomical loss, or reduced use of the body part injured in your workplace accident. These permanent disability benefits are payable even if you return to work.


  • Vocational rehabilitation – If you reach maximum medical improvement but have permanent restrictions that prevent you from returning to your job, you can ask the employer and its insurer to provide you with retraining.


  • Death benefits – If your loved one died in a fatal workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation.


  • Workers compensation settlement – As your Petersburg workers compensation lawyer, I’ll try to negotiate a top-quality workers comp settlement that will cover future wage loss, future medical treatment, and permanent disability.


Help Getting Every Penny You’re Owed


Though you can’t sue your co-workers, boss, or employer for negligence causing your work accident, you may have a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party who caused your work accident. For example, you can sue the driver who hit your vehicle when you were working in civil court while simultaneously pursuing a workers comp claim. As your Petersburg work comp attorney and an experienced personal injury lawyer, I’ll explore all possible claims.


If you’re unable to return to work after you reach MMI, I’ll help you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits as your Petersburg disability attorney. We want you to get everything you’re owed.


Contact us today to get started if you’re looking for a work injury lawyer in Virginia. We take care of the legal matters while you focus on your recovery. Find out why so many others in the Tri-Cities area have turned to us as their Petersburg workers compensation attorney. And read our article on frequently asked questions in Virginia workers comp for more information.