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Often considered rural, Loudoun County has a population of close to 400,000 people and a diverse economy. In addition to strong equine, wine, and agricultural industries, Loudoun County is home to Washington Dulles International Airport and several large employers such as Verizon, Telos, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Paxfire, AOL, M.C. Dean, Inc., United Airlines, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Loudoun County Public Schools, and the Loudoun Hospital Center.


With so much growth, development, and business, workplace accidents and construction injuries are a fact of life. If you’ve been hurt, our Loudoun County workers compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve. Call now for a free consultation with Corey Pollard. There is no obligation to use our services and there is no fee unless you get paid.


A Workers Compensation Attorney in Loudoun County that You Can Count On


Our Loudoun county workers compensation attorney can help you file a claim for benefits with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission so that you can receive all the medical payments and disability benefits you’re owed under the Workers Compensation Act. Workers comp benefits are meant to compensate employees who are hurt on the job or who become ill due to their employment. When an employer has three or more employees (full-time or part-time), the Workers’ Comp Act requires the employer to carry workers compensation insurance for the benefit of its employees. Our Leesburg workers comp lawyer can provide a no cost, no obligation case review to determine whether your work accident is covered by law.


If you are injured on the job while working or living in Loudoun County, you must report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. And put the notice in writing so that you can save a copy. If you do not notify your employer within 30 days of the accident, it’s possible that your workers compensation claim will be denied and that you’ll forfeit your right to benefits. Your employer is responsible for notifying its workers compensation insurance carrier of your accident or occupational illness. But you still have the burden of filing a claim within the applicable workers compensation statute of limitations. Our Ashburn VA workers comp attorney can help you build the documentation necessary to increase your chance of success before the Workers Comp Commission.


Under Virginia’s workers compensation laws an injured worker may be entitled to several types of work compensation benefits.


First the injured employee can ask for payment for all medically necessary treatment, including surgery, therapy, pain management, and home modifications. As long as the treatment is medically necessary and requested by your authorized treating physician, the Commission may force the employer to pay for it. But even if you receive a lifetime medical award, the employer and its insurance carrier may continue to dispute treatment as it is recommended, forcing you to go to a workers compensation hearing. That’s why we recommend contacting a Sterling workers compensation attorney in Loudoun County, even if it appears your claim is being approved.


Second the injured worker can ask for the payment of indemnity benefits for lost wages due to the work-related injury or occupational disease. These payments are referred to as temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, and permanent and total disability. The indemnity payment you’re owed depends on your work status and current earnings, if any. Generally you are entitled to two-thirds of your pre-injury average weekly under workers comp, though high wage earners may receive a lower percentage because of the maximum comp rate. A Loudoun County workers comp attorney can help you evaluate your right to indemnity payments as your claim progresses and you reach maximum medical improvement.


Third you can receive permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits if you reach maximum medical improvement but continue to have light duty restrictions. These benefits are payable regardless of whether you are able to return to work or not. But only certain injuries are eligible for these benefits under Virginia Code Section 65.2-503. To receive PPD benefits, you must obtain an impairment rating from a examiner that is signed off on by a physician. As a Leesburg workers comp attorney, I work with medical professionals around the state to help my clients receive accurate impairment ratings and increased PPD awards. And if your permanent restrictions are severe enough, we can help you prove that you’re disabled under the Social Security Act also.


You may also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation training if your work injuries prevent you from returning to your pre-injury employment. Unfortunately employers and insurers will try to delay retraining because of its cost, but with a Leesburg workers comp attorney you can present your case to the Commission and get it covered.


And finally, you may also be entitled to a workers compensation settlement. Though all settlements are voluntary in Virginia, your Ashburn work injury attorney can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Make sure you hire an attorney with experience negotiating these complex settlements, especially if you are receiving SSDI benefits or have applied for Social Security Disability. You may need a Medicare Set-Aside Account (MSA) to protect your eligibility for Medicare after settling your workers comp case.


Steps to Take after a Loudoun County Workplace Accident


Virginia workers compensation is complicated and full of strict procedures and rules. Trying to figure these out by yourself can lead to mistakes that prevent you from getting the medical coverage and wage loss benefits you deserve. Below is a list of actions you should take when seeking workers comp benefits:


  • Notify your employer immediately
  • Write down the date, time, and place of your work accident
  • Write a description that includes all body parts injured, even if you think it’s not bad
  • List the name and contact information for all people who witnessed the industrial accident
  • Ask your employer for its workers’ comp insurance information and notify the insurer. But do not give a recorded statement without a Loudoun County workers comp lawyer present.
  • File a claim for benefits if the insurer does not provide an award agreement form.


By acting quickly and contacting an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Sterling, VA, you give yourself the best chance of recovering medical expenses, ongoing wage loss payments, and permanent disability benefits. Call us now to get started.



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