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Corey Pollard has been named one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Richmond VA by Super Lawyers Magazine.


Virginia workers comp lawyer Corey Pollard is guided by one belief: That people who are injured on the job deserve respect and dignity – regardless of their income, occupation, or social standing. If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury, we want to help.


Getting injured at work can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. You are facing expensive medical bills, the need for future medical treatment, lost time from work, long periods without income, permanent impairment, and a physically and emotionally challenging recovery. And the insurance company is using the complicated Virginia workers compensation law to make it difficult for you to receive the money and medical care you and your family need to survive.Richmond, VA Personal Injury Lawyer


We know that when people research workers comp lawyers and look for the best fit for their situation, they are under a lot of stress. As your Virginia workers compensation attorney, our goal is to be of service, from the beginning of the representation to the end. That’s why we’re happy to come to your home or the hospital to talk with you about your legal options following a work injury and start working on your claim.


We will then turn our attention to being an effective work injury lawyer who gets results for you and your family as soon as possible. That means taking the proper legal action to make sure you receive justice and a fair outcome. Whether it comes in the form of a settlement or a favorable decision after a workers compensation hearing, a fair result in your workers compensation claim will provide you with the medical attention that you require to heal, and the money you need for the lost wages and permanent impairment you suffered after getting hurt at work.


As the premier injured workers’ law firm in Virginia, we are committed to helping people who have had an accident at work recover the compensation and obtain the treatment that will allow them to move forward with their lives. When you hire us as your Richmond workers compensation lawyer, you are getting a strong advocate in your corner and a compassionate shoulder to lean on during the Virginia workmans comp process.


If you live or work in Virginia, and need the assistance of a workers comp lawyer who concentrates on work injury and occupational disease cases, please call, text, or email us to discuss your situation. We provide completely free, no-obligation case reviews so that you can decide whether hiring a workers compensation attorney is in your best interest. Our reward is getting results that improve the lives of injured workers in Richmond and across the state.


The Virginia Workmans Comp Lawyer for Your Situation

Recently Hurt on the Job?

Have you or a loved one been injured at work? You are in the right place. We have helped thousands of injured workers in Virginia. We’ll guide you through the days, weeks, and months following a workplace injury and help you file a claim for benefits.

Virginia Workers Compensation

Unable to Work Due to Disability?

Our workers comp attorneys will evaluate your work injury case and pursue all legal options. We have helped hundreds of clients win benefits from the: Virginia Workers Compensation Commission; U.S. Social Security Administration; and, Virginia Retirement System.

Disability Benefits

Overwhelmed by Workers Comp Proceedings?

The insurance company has a team of workers compensation lawyers, claims adjusters, and nurse case managers whose job is to limit the value of your case. Don’t take them on alone. If you’ve been denied benefits, we’ll represent you at the workers compensation hearing.

Workers’ Compensation Case

Want a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

We have negotiated hundreds of top dollar workers compensation settlements on behalf of our clients. As your workman’s comp attorney we’ll make sure that you if accept a settlement, it takes into account your wage loss, permanent impairment, and medical needs

Workers Compensation Settlement

Have You or Someone You Love Been Hurt in an Accident at Work?

Contact Workers Compensation Attorney Corey Pollard, voted one of the Best Workers Comp Lawyers in Virginia, if You’re an Injured Employee Trying to Get Approved for Wage Loss Benefits and Medical Care or to Negotiate a Workers Compensation Settlement

Why Do People Hire Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer Corey Pollard? Our Results.

$1,000,000.00 +

More than $1 million in cash, wage loss benefits, and medical benefits for a construction worker who suffered arm and shoulder injuries in a workplace accident involving heavy machinery at a lumber yard.


Our client, an airline employee who was a union member and who suffered a career-ending back injury on the job, was awarded more than $375,000.00 in cash and medical benefits, including operations and pain management.


Our client, a trucker who was injured in a single vehicle accident involving icy road conditions, received more than $300,000 in cash benefits and a settlement. The insurer contested the workmans comp claim but lost at hearing.


Our client, a metal worker and electrician, settled his claim for more than $175,000 after suffering an amputation injury when his foot and toes were crushed while working on a roadway.


Our client, a delivery driver, injured his knees, ankles, and feet when he fell from a platform. He received more than $200,000.00 in cash plus lifetime medical benefits.


Our client, a HVAC contractor, injured his back and shoulder in a workplace accident. He settled his case for more than $172,000.00 after a workers compensation mediation.


Our client, a security guard, settled his claim for more than $218,000.00 plus the payment of medical care and other wage loss benefits after suffering shoulder and wrist injuries in a wreck in the employer’s parking deck.


Our client, a warehouse worker, injured his abdomen in a forklift accident on the job. We obtained payment of all medical bills, as well as wage loss benefits for a closed period and a lump sum settlement in excess of $120,000.00.


Our client, a utility worker, injured his back and lumbar spine in a workplace accident. Following our win at the hearing on outstanding wage loss payments and surgery, the case settled for $175,000.00.

Have You or Someone You Love Been Injured at Work in Virginia? Tell Us Your Story.

How we work

Our Approach to Winning Your Workers Compensation Case

The stakes are high in workers comp. Win and you get financial security and medical care. Lose and your family may face financial devastation and an uncertain future. When everything is on the line, you deserve one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Virginia on your side. Someone who will fight for you.


We know how to build a case to get its full value. We will:


  • Handle all paperwork
  • Educate you on what to expect and what is needed to win your work injury claim
  • Gather the evidence, including medical records, wage documents, and safety reports
  • Interview witnesses and obtain statements
  • Work with your doctors and expert witnesses to obtain supportive opinions
  • Prepare you for deposition and hearing
  • Monitor your case and provide status reports
  • Deal with the insurance company and debt collectors
  • Present your case at trial
  • Represent you on appeal before the Workers’ Compensation Commission or the Court of Appeals of Virginia
  • Prepare a settlement demand package and negotiate a top-dollar settlement

What is My Workers’ Comp Case Worth?

Knowing how much money you may receive when you have been injured in a work accident is important.


The value of your workers’ comp case is based on many factors, including: (1) your pre-injury income and compensation rate; (2) whether the claim is contested; (3) the number of weeks of wage loss payments remaining; (4) your ability to return to work; (5) how much money you can make in a light duty position; (6) whether you suffered permanent injuries to a scheduled body part; and, (7) the cost of future medical treatment.


One mistake in a medical record, an incomplete form, or a missed deadline can make the difference between immediate payments or years of delay. You will face bureaucratic red tape, with the insurer trying to deny you justice. Hiring a work injury lawyer gives you an advantage. And we can serve as your guide through this process.


You can rely on workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard’s knowledge of laws governing industrial accidents as well as our day to day experience in dealing with the offices, doctors, and judges who will decide your case to increase its value.

We can help you in:

Work Injury Cases Involving:

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

A back injury affecting the lumbar spine, cervical spine, or neck is one of the most common types of work-related injuries. Back injuries can be long-lasting and affect your upper and lower body.


Knee Injuries

A knee injury can require months of therapy, surgery, and the need for a cane. Knee injuries also increase the risk for arthritis that requires a total knee replacement. If you hurt your knee at work, you may be limited to sedentary jobs.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites often involve multiple workers from multiple employers, heavy machinery, and countless risks such as overexertion and debris. As a result, they are often the scene of serious and catastrophic workplace injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents on the job are a leading cause of work-related injuries. We can help you obtain wage replacement and permanent disability compensation if you suffer an injury in a slip or trip and fall – no matter the location. 

Work-Related Car Accidents

If you are a tractor-trailer truck driver or someone who has to travel for work, you are at greater risk of getting hurt in a motor vehicle accident on the job. If you were injured in a work-related car accident, you may have not only a workers’ comp claim but also a third-party claim against the driver who struck you in the crash.

Workers Comp Brain Injury/Concussion


As technology advances, we are seeing an increase in the diagnosis of workplace concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Post-concussive syndrome can cause dizziness, headaches, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and an inability to return to any type of competitive employment full-time.

Shoulder Injury

Your shoulders, arms, and hands play an important role in performing your job tasks. A rotator cuff tear can be debilitating, limit your ability to lift, carry, push, pull, and reach, and prevent you from going back to work, especially if surgery is required. Our work comp attorney can help you move to a new career.

Loss of Limb/Amputation

A severed limb accident or the loss of a limb due to surgical amputation or a crush injury, often caused by heavy machinery used in construction and manufacturing, can be devastating. Our workplace accident lawyer will make sure you get full compensation to improve your quality of life when you lose a body part in an industrial accident.

Am I the Right Workers Compensation Attorney for You?

Workplace accidents and work injuries can strike without warning. And bring life as you’ve known it to a halt. When you suffer a workplace injury your health and financial future are at risk.


Can you represent yourself in workers compensation proceedings? Yes. But should you? No. There is too much at risk to go it alone. And you cannot trust your employer or the insurance company to look out for your best interests. You deserve the best Virginia work injury lawyer on your side. Someone who wants to make a difference for you and your family.


That’s where Richmond workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard can help. Mr. Pollard has represented hundreds of injured employees and families across the state – and has obtained tens of millions of dollars in benefits and compensation for his clients. Though no amount of money will make you whole after your work accident, these payments and benefits can help you move forward and enjoy your life. Call to schedule a free consultation today. As your work injury attorney, we’re here to help you strengthen your case and to get the workers compensation benefits and medical care you need.

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