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Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer – Answering the Call for Injured Workers and Their Families


The premier workers compensation law firm in Virginia dedicated to protecting the legal rights of injured workers, disabled adults, and children with physical and mental limitations.


You are in the right place if you were hurt at work in Virginia. Our Virginia workers compensation lawyer knows how to build and present a case to aggressively pursue its full value on your behalf. We do what it takes to obtain justice for our clients and have helped hundreds of injured workers in Virginia obtain the medical treatment, wage loss benefits, compensation, and Social Security Disability benefits they deserve following their work injury or occupational disease.


If you have been injured on the job or if you are seeking Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI or SSI), Corey Pollard, voted one of the best Virginia workers compensation lawyers, can help. We fight for people just like you are facing difficult circumstances because of an on the job injury, occupational illness, or the diagnosis of a disabling physical or mental medical impairment. Our Virginia workers compensation law firm represents injured workers, disabled union members, and their families across the state. We are here to guide you through the Virginia workers compensation process if you’ve been hurt on the job or diagnosed with a chronic illness related to your work.


You can count on our compassion, knowledge, and resources to help you recover and heal following your work injury. And as your workers compensation lawyer you can rely on our bold strategy, experiencing negotiating with and handling the government, employers, and insurance company, and ability to present your case at a hearing before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission or Social Security Administration to help you get the best possible resolution after your workplace injury.


If you’re an injured worker in Virginia trying to obtain wage loss benefits, medical treatment, or a top-dollar workers compensation settlement after your industrial accident, Virginia workers comp lawyer Corey Pollard can help. Your future is at stake. And as your Virginia workplace injury attorney, we won’t rest until we’ve exhausted every option to get you the money, benefits, and medical care you deserve for your workplace accident.


Corey Pollard is considered a Virginia workers compensation and Social Security Disability benefits leader in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and throughout Virginia. Call, text, or email us today to see why past clients and current attorneys voted Mr. Pollard one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Virginia. We’re ready to take on the employer and insurance company on your behalf.


Keep reading to learn more about Virginia workplace injury attorney Corey Pollard and our work comp law firm. Find out how we can help you and your family win your case as your Virginia workers comp lawyer. We’re ready to assist you and your family obtain maximum compensation after your work accident.

Hurt at Work?

Have you or a loved one suffered a job injury or been diagnosed with an occupational illness? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve served as workers comp lawyer to more than 1,000 disabled and injured workers in Virginia. We’ll guide you through the days and weeks following a workplace accident and help you file a claim for benefits.

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Unable to Work Due to Disability?

As your Virginia workplace injury attorney, we’ll evaluate your work injury case and explain the SSDI, long term disability, and workers comp benefits you may be entitled to. Then we’ll work with you, your treating medical providers, and witnesses to build a strong case and preserve your benefits – regardless of your type of injury.

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Denied Workers’ Comp Claim?

The insurance company has a team of workers compensation lawyers, adjusters, and nurse case managers whose job is to limit the value of your case. But you don’t have to take them on alone. If you’ve been denied benefits and medical care we’ll conduct discovery and represent you at the workers compensation hearing.

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Want a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

We have negotiated hundreds of top dollar workers compensation settlements on behalf of our clients and their families. We’ll make sure that you if accept a lump sum workers comp settlement, it takes into account your past and future wage loss, permanent disability, and projected medical treatment costs.

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The stakes are high in Virginia workers compensation claims. If you win, you and your family get financial security and you will receive the medical treatment you need to try to get back to work and feel better. If you lose, you and your family may face financial devastation and an uncertain future. When everything is on the line, you deserve one of the best Virginia workers compensation lawyers on your side. A workplace injury attorney who will fight for you. And win.


Are you an injured worker or the loved one of an employee who was hurt on the job in Virginia? Then you probably have a lot of questions:


  • How can I get money for lost wages and time missed from work?
  • Who pays for my medical treatment?
  • What happens if workers compensation denies my claim?
  • What if I have permanent disability and cannot return to work?
  • How can I get a lump sum workers compensation settlement?


The weeks following a work injury can be terrifying. But you’re in the right place to get help. Virginia workplace injury attorney Corey Pollard – named one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Virginia – has helped more than 1,000 injured workers and families get the benefits and money they deserve. Our practice is statewide, so contact us if you’re an injured employee anywhere in Virginia. And read our article, Virginia Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions, to find out more about your legal rights. Call or text 804-251-1620 or complete the form below. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones recover after a workplace injury.

Have You or Someone You Love Been Injured at Work in Virginia?

Contact Workplace Injury Attorney Corey Pollard, voted one of the Best Workers Comp Lawyers in Virginia if You’re an Injured Employee Trying to Get Approved for Workers Compensation Benefits or to Settle Your VA Work Injury Case

Case Results for Virginia Workers Comp Lawyer Corey Pollard


$1,000,000.00 +

More than $1 million in cash, wage loss benefits, and medical benefits for an injured construction worker who suffered arm and shoulder injuries in a workplace accident involving heavy machinery at a lumber yard.



Our client, an airline employee who was a union member and who suffered a career-ending back injury on the job, was awarded more than $375,000.00 in cash and medical benefits, including operations and pain management.



Our client, a truck driver who was injured in a motor vehicle accident involving dangerous road conditions, received more than $300,000 in cash benefits and a settlement. The insurance company contested the claim but lost at hearing.


Our client, a metal worker and electrician, settled his claim for more than $175,000 after suffering an amputation injury after his foot and toes were crushed while working on a roadway.


Our client, a delivery driver, injured his knees, ankles, and feet when he fell because a platform at the warehouse collapsed. He received more than $200,000.00 in cash plus medical expenses.


Our client, a HVAC contractor, injured his back and shoulder in a workplace accident. He settled his case for more than $172,000.00 after a workers compensation mediation.

Am I the Best Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer for You?

Workplace accidents and work injuries can strike without warning. And bring life as you’ve known it to a halt. When you suffer a workplace injury your health and financial future are on the line.


Can you represent yourself in workers comp proceedings? Yes. But should you? No. There is too much at risk to go it alone. And you cannot trust your employer or the insurance company to look out for your best interests. You deserve one of the best Virginia workers compensation lawyers on your side. Someone who wants to make a difference for you and your family.


That’s where workplace injury attorney Corey Pollard can help. Mr. Pollard has served as Virginia workers compensation lawyer for hundreds of injured employees and families across the state – and has obtained tens of millions of dollars in benefits and compensation for my clients. Though no amount of money will make you whole after your work accident, these payments and benefits can help you move forward and enjoy your life. Keep reading to learn more about why Mr. Pollard may be the best workers comp lawyer in Virginia for you. We’re glad you’re here to strengthen your case and get the benefits you need and deserve.

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