Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Corey Pollard, a Richmond, Virginia trial lawyer who assists injured workers, disabled adults, and victims of others’ negligence.


I’m lucky to have an opportunity to help people when they need it the most. Many of my cases involve either:


  • a seriously injured worker who faces permanent disability and wage loss;
  • a disabled adult whose combination of physical and mental health impairments prevents him or her from working full-time;
  • a disabled child whose medical condition prevents him or her from functioning at the same level as peers or doing well at school; or
  • a negligently caused serious injury arising out of a car accident, tractor-trailer accident, birth injury, or medical malpractice.


Many of our cases come from other lawyers who know we can handle the complex nature of Virginia workers compensation and Social Security Disability claims, health care providers whose patients have relied on us in the past, and former clients for whom we have obtained fair compensation, settlements, and disability benefits.”


Many of the cases I handle involve more than one area of law. The rules and regulations that govern Virginia Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Medical Malpractice, Brain Injury, Wrongful Death, and Employment Law matters are connected.


For example, if you are injured in a car accident while on the job, you have rights under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act and Virginia personal injury laws. If the accident causes severe injuries that restrict you to light duty, your employer must comply with federal employment laws. And if your accident prevents you from returning to work, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. This interaction between workers compensation, disability, injury, and employment law is why I limit my practice to these areas. I’ll use every available legal option to get you the payment you deserve.


I like helping people get justice under the law, and I like to write about the law. Educating injured workers, disabled adults, accident victims, employees, and labor union members about their legal rights is important to me. I’m the author of the Virginia Workers Compensation Guide, which you can get a copy of by sending me an email. I’m also the author of an extensive website and blog, which you’re reading right now. Because of my legal writing, I’m often contacted by other attorneys and members of the general public to answer questions about legal issues in Virginia workers compensation, Social Security Disability, and Long Term Disability matters.


On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Leigh Pollard, my son Knox, our dog Simba, and playing basketball and golf. When I’m in the mood for punishment, I cheer on my favorite football team, the Washington Redskins.


Please give me a call at 804-251-1620 or 757-810-5614, or email me at to see how we can help you resolve your work injury, disability, personal injury, or labor and employment law case. Let’s get started together on your road to financial, emotional, and physical recovery.


My Background


I was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. My father is in the construction industry.


I attended St. Andrews Elementary School, B.C. Charles Elementary, and Gildersleeve Middle School before graduating from Menchville High School, where I swam and played golf. I also swam for the Coast Guard Blue Dolphins and Glendale Gators.


I earned my Bachelor’s Degree with honors from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where I majored in government and minored in finance. From there, I traveled down Interstate 64 to the University of Richmond School of Law, where I earned my juris doctorate degree with honors.


My Legal Experience


Before representing injured workers, disability claimants, and accident victims, I defended insurance carriers and big employers in workers compensation matters. I also represented individuals and businesses in copyright, trademark, and defamation lawsuits while managing Dozier Internet Law.


This experience provided me with knowledge of the tactics used by insurance companies and helped me build the skills necessary for complex litigation.


In 2012 I joined Jenkins, Block, & Associates, a Social Security Disability and Personal Injury Law Firm based out of Baltimore, MD. I’m a partner with Jenkins Blocks and manage its Richmond office.


Since 2012 I’ve helped thousands of injured workers and disabled adults get the compensation and medical care they deserve. Our track record of workers compensation settlements carry weight with the employers and insurance companies who will fight your case and the judges who will decide it. They know we are credible, aggressive, and skilled. And they know we fight for injured workers and disabled adults.


Why I’m the Right Virginia Attorney for You


Below are more reasons why I might be the best disability attorney and workers compensation lawyer in Virginia for you:


  • Recognized Leader – I’ve been recognized by other attorneys in the field as one of the best lawyers in Virginia for workers compensation, Social Security Disability, motor vehicle accident, and brain injury cases for two years straight. We’re who other attorneys come to for advice when a case involves workers compensation issues.


  • Experience Matters – I’ve represented more than 1,000 injured and disabled workers in Virginia. And our firm has handled tens of thousands of clients in Virginia, Maryland, and DC over the past 30 years. We know the law. We know the judges. And we know how to tailor your case’s facts to give you the best chance of winning your workers’ compensation or disability case.


  • Results Matter – Talk is cheap. Many law firms may say they’re the best. But few can match the results we’ve obtained in Virginia Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability claims.


  • Expertise Matters – One size does not fit all. We do not handle 20 different practice areas. We are a law firm that focuses exclusively on Virginia Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability, and Medical Malpractice Claims. This allows us to keep up to date on changes in the law. We use our knowledge to help you win.


  • Compassionate. You are going through a difficult time in your life that you didn’t ask for. We will be kind, compassionate, and do everything we can to help you get the help you need. You deserve high quality customer service, and that’s what you will get.


  • Resources Matter – Building a winning Virginia workers compensation or disability case is expensive. But we have it covered. We’ve built a network of talented and skilled health care providers who can help us with legal-medico issues that arise in work injury litigation. We will work with your medical providers and other experts, including vocational experts, to develop your case.


Legal Advice Disclaimer


I am a licensed attorney in Virginia. I do provide legal advice, but only to my clients – people who have a written retainer agreement with me – and I will not provide legal advice through this website. Please do not act on anything you read on the internet. Though I might write about a legal issue that is relevant to the facts of your case and your situation, my articles should not be considered legal advice.

High-quality, professional legal advice requires an in-depth discussion with you about your case, an investigation into all relevant facts – good and bad, and research into the relevant statutes and case laws. I want to help you, but we have to talk first.


Website Copyright


I hold the copyright to everything written on this site. You may quote portions of writings in a manner consistent with fair use, accompanied back to the source URL of the writing. And if you ask in advance, chances are good that I will share articles in full with attribution.