Professional Athlete Disability Insurance Attorneys Helping Pro Athletes Across the Country


Sports serve as America’s national past time. They connect us and help to build a sense of community. But for the professional athletes who participate in them, major sports can cause lifelong injuries and illnesses such as brain damage, degenerative arthritis, and major joint dysfunction. These injuries not only cut careers short. They also affect the players’ quality of life.


When a player is sidelined from his or her sport because of a disabling physical injury or mental condition, the income and fringe benefits disappear quickly. Though professional sports organizations have increased the insurance and retirement benefits offered to members and players over the years, these benefit packages are often inadequate to provide lifelong financial support to players who have suffered serious disability and wear and tear to their bodies.


Professional athletes and college athletes with realistic prospects of turning pro should purchase long-term disability insurance policies to protect against injury or illness that can end their career. But obtaining these policies may be enough. Sometimes you need a professional athlete disability lawyer to help you collect those disability insurance benefits.


Help with Professional Athlete Disability Insurance Claims


Corey Pollard provides high quality legal representation to professional athletes involved in long-term disability insurance litigation and the Social Security Disability process. You have a lot at stake in these disputes, but we’re not afraid to take on the billion-dollar insurance carriers. Our goal is to help you get the financial support you need when your on-the-field injuries and other disabling medical impairments prevent you from earning a living.


We handle pro sports disability cases involving the four major sports leagues and many other professional sports organizations. We represent athletes and teams who have bought insurance policies for their athletes in disability claims for:


  • Auto racing drivers
  • Boxers
  • Mixed martial arts fighters
  • MLB baseball players
  • MLS soccer players
  • NASCAR drivers
  • NBA basketball players
  • NFL football players
  • NHL hockey players
  • PGA golfers
  • Professional cyclists
  • Thoroughbred horse racing jockeys
  • Track and field athletes
  • WWE and professional wrestlers


It is important that you understand all your legal options regardless of which sport you play. We’ll guide you through the process and make sure that your best interests are looked after. We know and understand all aspects of disability insurance policies offered in the professional sporting industry. These include:


  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). This insurance protects athletes against catastrophic accidents such as those that can happen while traveling from one location to the next by bus, plane, or van.


  • Contract completion policies. This insurance protects owners by paying benefits for guaranteed salaries and lost ticket revenues when important athletes are unable to play because of injury, illness, or death. This is disability insurance that would be purchased for star players.


  • Permanent total disability. This is insurance that professional athletes and college players who may get drafted purchase in the event they are no longer able to play due to accident, injury, or sickness. These policies are important because they protect athletes from the millions of dollars in future earnings they would otherwise lose because of disability.


  • Temporary total disability insurance. This protects athletes and owners cover short-term salary expenses for on-field and off-field injuries that are season ending.


A Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney Who Can Help You Collect on Your Claim


Permanent disability coverage for pro athletes is expensive. But these policies make sense for athletes and college recruits who have millions of dollars in potential earnings.


When you pay premiums for this insurance, you expect to get the benefits you were told that you received. Insurance companies however will do everything they can to decrease the value of your coverage and to delay or deny claims. When your future is on the line, you can’t afford to let the insurance companies use these tactics against you.


Corey Pollard knows how to fight back against long term disability insurers who don’t want to honor their contractual obligations. We’ll help you resolve the claim. All you have to do is call, text, or email us today to get started.