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Last year there were more than 128,000 reported motor vehicle crashes in Virginia. These crashes caused more than 67,000 injuries and 760 deaths. If you are reading this page because you have been injured in a car accident in Richmond or elsewhere in Virginia, let me say that I am sorry for the pain and suffering you are going through.


I understand that this is a difficult time for your family. Car accidents can cause serious injuries. And stress from the pain, lost wages, and increasing medical bills can lead to physical, mental, and financial struggles following your car wreck.


Many of these car accidents are not “accidents” at all. They are the result of someone else’s negligence. As a Richmond car accident lawyer, my job is to help motor vehicle accident victims understand their legal rights and to pursue those rights by holding the other driver accountable.


When you hire me as your car accident attorney, you’ll know that you have a tireless advocate who is committed to helping injured drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and bicyclists obtain fair compensation to cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


Depending on the details of your auto accident, you may be able to obtain monetary damages through insurance claims or a civil lawsuit against the negligent driver and any other responsible parties. Whatever it takes, I’ll take action to protect your rights as a car accident victim.


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If You Aren’t Ready to Speak with a Richmond Car Accident Attorney About Your Virginia Auto Accident Case …


Many people who are injured in a car wreck don’t realize that they will likely need an auto accident attorney to get fair compensation for their personal injuries. They are worried that if they hire a car accident lawyer then they’ll have to file a lawsuit in civil court and that the insurance company will offer less money or refuse to negotiate a settlement. But this isn’t true.


You are protecting your legal rights when you hire a car accident attorney, something you should always do. Remember, the insurance company is looking out for its interests, not yours. Never sign documents before talking to a car accident attorney. The goal is to receive fair compensation that takes into account all your physical, emotional, and financial damages from the vehicle accident, not to accept a quick settlement so the insurance company can close your case.


Still not sure if you should hire a car accident lawyer in Richmond, VA? Please think about these questions when dealing with injuries from a car crash:


  • Was I injured in the auto accident?


  • How severe are my injuries?


  • What is the total of my medical bills to date?


  • Will I require future medical care for the injuries I suffered in the car crash?


  • How much time will I miss from work because of the car wreck?


  • Will I have permanent disability that prevents me from returning to my job?


  • Was my car damaged in the crash?


  • Will I need a new automobile?



If your car was damaged and you suffered injuries requiring medical treatment in the vehicle crash, then I recommend contacting a car accident lawyer for a free case evaluation. From our headquarters in Richmond, our experienced auto accident attorney can help you anywhere in Virginia.


You can call, text, or email me. We will listen to your story and get the specifics of your auto accident. This consultation is 100% free.


If you have a viable Virginia car crash case, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless you recover monetary compensation for your injuries.


Virginia Car Accident Lawsuit Process


The Initial Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation


The at-fault driver’s insurance company will begin an investigation into the car accident as soon as it receives notice of the accident. The investigation’s primary goal is to find a way to reduce the amount of money the insurance company may have to pay you.


While the insurance company investigates the wreck, your Richmond, VA car accident attorney should complete an investigation of his own. You have a stronger case if your attorney is able to collect, develop, and present evidence that shows the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries and damages.


As your car accident lawyer, my investigation to determine who was at fault will include:


  • Reviewing police reports from the city, county, or town where your wreck occurred


  • Reviewing photographs of the accident scene


  • Reviewing video footage of the accident scene


  • Reviewing traffic camera and video footage


  • Interviewing witnesses


  • Reviewing witness statements taken by other parties, such as the police


  • Researching the driving records of all drivers involved in the accident


  • Requesting and reviewing cell phone records


  • Obtaining your medical records and reviewing them


  • Analyzing warnings, tickets, or citations given by the police for the accident


  • Retracing the driver’s actions prior to the accident to determine whether alcohol or drugs were involved


  • Analyzing your medical reports with experts to determine how you were injured, the extent of your injuries, and the medical care you will require


  • Meeting with economic experts to determine your loss of earning capacity due to the car accident injuries


  • Consulting with accident reconstruction experts if necessary


As your auto accident lawyer in Richmond VA, my goal is to determine that the defendant driver caused the wreck by:


  • Failing to pay attention to his or her surroundings;


  • Speeding;


  • Driving while distracted;


  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;


  • Violating traffic laws, especially those designed to prevent fatigued driving; or,


  • Driving without a license.


Any form of negligence or carelessness, or an omission, may serve as the basis for a finding that other driver was at-fault for your Virginia auto accident.


Evaluating Your Damages from the Car Accident


As your Richmond car crash attorney, I will work with medical, financial, and vocational experts to determine the amount of compensation you should receive for injuries and motor vehicle accident-related expenses. You may be entitled to the following damages if another driver’s negligence caused you harm:


  • Property damage


  • Current and future medical expenses, including prescription medication, counseling, doctor visits, hospital admissions, and other health care costs


  • Lost wages for time missed from work currently


  • Loss of future earning capacity


  • Loss of enjoyment of life


  • Pain and suffering


  • Loss of intimacy and support


  • Scars and disfigurement


  • Permanent partial disability


  • Punitive damages, especially if the other driver was violating traffic laws or driving under the influence


The Demand Letter Seeking Compensation for Injuries and Damages from the Car Accident


After the auto accident investigation is complete, I will send a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The car accident demand letter will include the following:


  • A statement that we have completed our investigation and that we are ready to begin settlement negotiations for your car accident claim.


  • A factual summary of the accident.


  • A liability section establishing that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries. This will include any supportive witness statements, the police report, traffic tickets, and any other facts that we have gathered to support our position.


  • An injuries section outlining your medical treatment to date, your symptoms, the mental anguish you have suffered, and the future medical care you may require for your car accident injuries.


  • A damages section that provides the exact amount of compensation you should receive for: (1) out-of-pocket expenses; (2) wages you have lost due to your inability to work or because you had doctor or therapy appointments; (3) any past and future medical expenses necessary for your injuries; (4) any pain, suffering, or emotional distress you have suffered; and (5) any damage to your personal property.


Your demand letter should ask for a response within 30 days.


Handling Discussions with the Insurance Company and Presenting Your Case at Trial


After I submit a demand letter to the other driver’s insurance company, we will begin settlement negotiations. The goal is to try to negotiate a fair settlement while simultaneously preparing your car accident case for trial. If negotiation is unsuccessful, then we will file a lawsuit in circuit court. This starts the car accident lawsuit process.


Usually negotiations will continue while the parties prepare for trial. But if we fail to reach a fair deal, then I will proceed to court as your attorney and present your case to a judge or jury. The judge or jury will decide who is at fault. If the other driver is found liable for your damages, then the court will decide how much compensation you are entitled to for damages arising out of the auto accident.


When you have been involved in a car crash, it is important to remember that the insurance company is a for-profit business. Even if the claims adjuster offers you money right away, you should contact an experienced Virginia car accident attorney in Richmond, VA. The offer may be insufficient to cover your current damages, much less your future losses.


Get a Free Case Review from the Best Car Accident Attorney in Richmond, Virginia


If you drive a car on our local roads, streets, and interstates, you will get into an auto accident sooner or later. No matter how careful you are when driving, you can’t control other drivers who may not be paying attention. Someone else’s negligence can cause a terrible crash or multi-car pileup.


Car accident attorney Corey Pollard represents auto accident victims across Virginia, including those injured in crashes on Chippenham Parkway, Interstate 64, Interstate 95, Interstate 85, Interstate 264, Interstate 464, Interstate 564, Interstate 664, Interstate 66, Interstate 81, Interstate 581, Interstate 195, Interstate 295, Interstate 395, Interstate 495, Powhite Parkway, Broad Street, Virginia State Route 288, or any other road in Virginia.


If you’ve been through a car accident before, you know there is a lot to deal with after the crash. While you’re trying to get better, the insurance company is trying to deny your claim. Take care of your injuries and family. Let me take care of the complicated legal situation and work on getting you a top-dollar car accident settlement in Virginia. I can help regardless of the type of car accident case you have and handle cases involving crashes that cause brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, concussions, back injuries, neck injuries, paralysis, amputations, and even wrongful death.


I hope you feel comfortable contacting us to share your auto accident story. Please e-mail or call us today to serve as your Richmond car accident attorney in Virginia. We handle each compassionately and do what we can to help put your life back together after a motor vehicle crash. And you’ll see why I’m a Richmond car accident lawyer who has been voted one of the top motor vehicle accident attorneys in Virginia.