Health care providers play an important role in the Virginia workers’ compensation process. Their medical records and reports are pieces of evidence in your case. This article discusses how you choose a doctor for workers’ comp and when the employer must offer you a panel of physicians. Often we get asked, “What can I do if my case is accepted but I don’t like my doctor?” Read on and you’ll know the answer.

Your Employer Should Offer You a Panel of Physicians after the Work Accident

Virginia Code Section 65.2-603 requires that the employer provide the injured employee with a panel of physicians from which to choose. The employer should offer the panel soon after you report your work-related accident.

The panel must have at least three physicians. If it contains the names medical facilities, or less than three physicians from which to choose, then it may be a defective panel. Also, the physicians must not be with the same practice group. They should be independent.

If the panel of physicians is defective the insurance company must offer a new panel, or you may be allowed to choose your own doctor. Do not make the decision to treat on your own without speaking with a workers compensation lawyer first.