Workers Compensation Lawyer for Amazon Employees


Are you a warehouse worker or tractor-trailer truck driver who was injured while working for Amazon? Then workers comp lawyer Corey Pollard can help you get the workers’ compensation benefits and Virginia workers compensation settlement you deserve for your Amazon warehouse injury or work accident., Inc., known as Amazon, is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world. Amazon employs more than 300,000 employees and has multiple warehouses and distribution centers in Virginia.


With so many employees performing physically demanding jobs inside the warehouse and on the roads delivering goods, Amazon is involved in many claims for workers compensation in Virginia. This article explains what you can expect as an Amazon employee hurt on the job in Virginia and how you can maximize the value of your claim.


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Did You Get Hurt While Working at Amazon in Virginia?


At Amazon’s warehouses employees are responsible for the following:


  • Unpacking incoming goods as they arrive at the facility


  • Inspecting incoming goods


  • Placing goods in storage


  • Picking goods within the warehouse to complete individual shipments


  • Sorting orders


  • Packing orders


  • Shipping goods


As an Amazon fulfillment associate you may be asked to compete against other employees to see who can pick and fill online shoppers’ purchases the quickest. You may have to work as fast as you can for ten to twelve hours at a time to meet your quota. And as an Amazon picker you may walk 10 or more miles each day just to do your job.


Amazon will monitor your performance closely. If you do not meet your quota or are found to not be working fast enough, then Amazon may terminate you. There is a chance that you will have no job security while putting your health and body at risk every day to help Amazon fulfill orders.


Amazon warehouse employees are asked to lift heavy objects, climb heights to pick orders, drive forklifts, operate pallet jacks, and use other tools. These activities put Amazon employees at risk of suffering injuries to their back, neck, shoulders, knees, or hands.


Slip and fall accidents are common amongst warehouse workers, including those who work at Amazon fulfillment centers. With so many different products and items being moved around it’s common for liquid to end up on the floor, which causes falls. Trip and fall injuries are also common with Amazon employees because there are so many boxes around, as are fall injuries since employees are often asked to work on raised platforms at Amazon.


Once goods leave the Amazon warehouse, they may be delivered by Amazon truck driver. Truck drivers face additional workplace risks that can cause serious injuries.


We Handle Workers Compensation Claims for Employees Injured at Amazon Warehouse Facilities in Virginia and While Delivering Goods


Amazon has warehouses across the country. These warehouses, called Amazon fulfillment centers, are often located near airports.


Each Amazon warehouse is large and has hundreds of employees. Some of these employees are hired by Amazon directly, while others are hired by temporary staffing agencies. In Virginia Integrity Staffing Solutions hires and manages many of the temporary employees used by Amazon. This is an important distinction in workers’ compensation claims because it determines what company an injured employee should file his or her claim against.


We serve as Amazon workers compensation attorney for injured Amazon employees and Integrity Staffing Solutions employees who are hurt while working at the following Amazon locations in Virginia:


Amazon Fulfillment Center – RIC 1

5000 Commerce Way

Petersburg, VA 23803 (actually located in Dinwiddie, VA)

Tel: 877-346-6244


Amazon Fulfillment Center – RIC 2

1901 Meadowville Technology Pkwy

Chester, VA 23836

Tel: 804-541-2019


Amazon Fulfillment Center

11600 N. Oakridge Parkway

Hanover County, VA

We also represent employees who work at Amazon’s Chesterfield sorting facility.
And when it opens, we’ll represent employees who are hurt on the job at Amazon’s warehouse distribution center in Clear Brook, which is located in Frederick County in Northern Virginia. It will employ roughly 1,000 workers.


Contact an Experienced Amazon Workers Compensation Lawyer for Help with Your Job Injury Claim


Amazon or Integrity Staffing Solutions, whichever one employs you at the Amazon warehouse where you were hurt, has responsibilities when you sustain an injury on the job. This includes reporting the Amazon work accident and injury to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. And offering you a panel of physicians from which to choose your workers compensation doctor.


Don’t let Amazon force you to treat with its doctor. No matter how big Amazon may be, it still must comply with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.


And do not select an authorized treating physician without contacting an experienced Amazon workers comp lawyer who can point you in the direction of the best doctor for your injury.


As an injured Amazon employee you have responsibilities also. These include:



You must also prove that you suffered an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of your employment or an occupational illness. We encourage you to hire a workers comp attorney with experience handling Amazon work injury claims so that he can conduct discovery, develop the evidence, and present your case at the workers compensation hearing.


Call Corey Pollard today if you were hurt while working at Amazon. Our workers compensation law firm has obtained the following on behalf of Integrity Staffing Solutions and Amazon employees hurt on the job:


  • Wage loss benefits, including temporary total disability and temporary partial disability benefits, for Amazon employees who missed time from work due to their work injuries.


  • Permanent disability compensation for hurt Amazon employees who suffered permanent partial disability to the affected body part because of the work accident.


  • Lifetime medical benefits for expenses related to the treatment of the Amazon warehouse work injury.


  • Vocational rehabilitation for injured Amazon employees trying to get back into the work force.


  • Multiple workers compensation settlements for Amazon employees. Most recently this included a settlement for an Amazon employee with pre-existing degenerative disc disease who reinjured her back when she caught a falling tote.


We want to help you if you’re an Amazon employee hurt on the job in Virginia. We’ve handled many Amazon workers comp claims and are familiar with the defense attorneys and third-party administrator who defend Amazon in these cases. Give us a call or send us an email today. And remember, there is no fee unless we recover compensation or medical treatment for you.