Hurt While Working for Food Lion in Virginia? We Can Help.


Grocery stores employee millions of Americans in a variety of jobs: bagger; baker; butcher; cashier; courtesy clerk; deli worker; manager; maintenance; and stock clerk, just to name a few. Though some of these jobs are low paying, they often offer flexible work schedules and room for career advancement.


As a workplace accident attorney I’ve represented many grocery store employees who love their job but not the hazards that come with it. This article explains what to do and what workers compensation benefits you may be entitled to if you’re hurt on the job while working for one of Virginia’s most popular supermarkets, Food Lion. These benefits can help your family during the difficult days, weeks, and months following a job injury.


Workers Compensation Provides a Safety Net


In Virginia all employers who regularly employ three or more employees must carry workers compensation insurance. As an employee you do not have to pay for workers compensation insurance coverage. Your employer does.


There are many benefits available through the Workers Compensation Act, including:



As a Food Lion employee hurt on the job you may also be able to negotiate a lump workers comp settlement.


Food Lion in Virginia


Food Lion is a grocery store company headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina that opened its first store in Virginia in the 1980s. It has more than 1,000 supermarket stores across the Southeastern United States. With more than 60,000 employees total, Food Lion is a major employer in Virginia.


We represent employees who work at Food Lion distribution centers and supermarket locations in workers compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims.


On the Job Risks for Food Lion Workers


The risks you face as a Food Lion employee depend on your job title and job responsibilities. Those of you who work as cashiers, clerks, and deli workers will face job risks much different from warehouse workers at the distribution center and delivery drivers.


Common injuries we’ve seen include:


  • Bakers and deli workers suffering burn injuries from exposure to ovens and hot pans and lacerations from handling knives and sharp objects.
  • Stock clerks suffering back and neck injuries from lifting and moving products
  • Courtesy clerks suffering hand and wrist injuries while frequently handling items
  • Cashiers suffering ankle, leg, and foot injuries when they slip and fall on a wet floor
  • Delivery drivers suffering traumatic brain injuries after a car accident


Though some Food Lion injuries are minor, you’re also at risk of suffering a catastrophic injury because of a job accident.


Food Lion Employee Hurt on the Job?


If you’re a Food Lion employee hurt at work, you may have many thoughts running through your head. Stop what you’re doing, report your work accident, and seek medical treatment.


Then call workers compensation Corey Pollard for help. We’re here to guide you and your family through the Virginia workers comp process. Focus on your health while we focus on conducting discovery, presenting your case at a workers compensation hearing, and getting you everything you deserve. All you have to do is contact us today.