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We all know who Walmart is. With more than 4,500 stores in the United States, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue and the largest private employer in the world with over 2 million employees. It is also the largest grocery retailer in the United States, with thousands of grocery store employees. As you may expect, Walmart is no stranger to the workers compensation system in Virginia.


Walmart Work Injury Claims


This article is about workers compensation claims against Walmart from the perspective of a work injury lawyer in Virginia who has taken on Walmart in many workers comp cases. Wal-Mart is a big employer and a big defendant. It not only has retail stores across Virginia, which are called Wal-Mart Supercenters, Wal-Mart Discount Stores, or Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets depending on their size, but also Wal-Mart distribution centers in Petersburg, Gordonsville, Williamsburg, and Henderson, NC.


Filing a workers compensation claim against Wal-Mart is similar to filing a claim against other employers and insurance carriers. But there are some differences because of Wal-Mart’s size, resources, and ability to find light duty work for its injured employees. Just like it’s known for being aggressive with suppliers and competitors, Wal-Mart can be aggressive in defending workers comp claims. And when they’re approach is successful it’s you – the injured worker – who is denied justice.


How Wal-Mart Handles Workers Comp Claims in Virginia


Claims Management, Inc., called CMI for short, is the third party administrator (TPA) for Wal-Mart. CMI handles all personal injury and workers compensation claims filed against Wal-Mart.


As Wal-Mart’s own insurance adjuster, Claims Management processes and investigates claims, tries to get recorded statements from injured employees, contacts treating physicians to try to get opinion statements, and does whatever is necessary to manage and track the claim against Wal-Mart. Though Claims Management is a separate company, you are essentially dealing with Wal-Mart when you deal with Claims Management.


Claims Management may refer your workers compensation claim to a defense attorney if litigation is required. Many Virginia workers comp claims against Wal-Mart are defended by a group of workers compensation attorneys in Roanoke, VA.


Common Work Accidents and Injuries Suffered by Walmart Workers


Wal-Mart stores often consist of general merchandise, a full-service supermarket with bakery and deli sections, a garden center, a pet shop, a pharmacy, a Tire & Lube Express providing auto mechanic services, an optical center, a photo processing lab, a portrait studio, a restaurant, and many other sections. As a result there are hundreds of different positions at each store, including:


  • Baker
  • Cart attendant
  • Cashier
  • Delivery Driver
  • Forklift Driver
  • Greeter
  • Inventory Receiver
  • Mechanic
  • Sales Floor Associate
  • Stocker
  • Warehouse worker


Those each of these jobs have different job descriptions, many of them are physically demanding and require the employee to spend a lot of time on his or her feet.


Because of these physical demands, you may suffer the following workplace injuries as a Wal-Mart employee:


  • Ankle injury
  • Back injury
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee injury
  • Neck injury
  • Shoulder injury
  • Slip and fall


No matter your job, you may be at an increased risk of injury as a Wal-Mart employee. Physically demanding working, including lifting and repetitive movement, puts you at risk of injury to your joints and spinal cord.


What to Do if You’re Injured While Working at Wal-Mart


If you’re a Walmart employee who gets hurt on the job, then do the following:


1, Seek immediate medical attention

2. Report the accident and all your injuries to your supervisor, in writing

3. Contact Corey Pollard before giving a recorded statement to Walmart’s insurance claims adjuster


Workers Compensation Benefits for Wal-Mart Workers Hurt on the Job in Virginia


Virginia workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard has helped many injured Wal-Mart employees obtain the following types of workers compensation benefits:



  • Temporary partial disability payments when Wal-Mart provides a light duty job that pays less or offers fewer hours than the injured Wal-Mart worker’s pre-injury job. In our experience Wal-Mart will offer light duty work to an injured employee for anywhere from thirty days to ninety days. If you remain restricted to light duty after 90 days then Wal-Mart may ask you to take a leave of absence under the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA).


  • Permanent partial disability benefits for loss of the injured body part if you suffer an amputation injury or loss of use of the injured body part if you have permanent restrictions. You can receive these benefits even if you return to work for Wal-Mart or another employer.


  • Lump sum workers compensation settlements for Wal-Mart employees injured on the job that provide enough compensation to cover multiple years of wage loss benefits and future medical care.


  • Lifetime medical benefits for all treatment that is reasonable, necessary, authorized, and related to the Wal-Mart work accident.


  • Vocational rehabilitation, including retraining and job coaching, for injured Wal-Mart employees trying to get back into the labor force.


If you lost a loved one or family member in a fatal workplace accident at Wal-Mart, you may be entitled to death benefits under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.


Social Security Disability for Injured Wal-Mart Employees


We can also help you get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if your Wal-Mart work injury causes limitations and restrictions that prevent you from returning to your pre-injury employment. As a Richmond disability lawyer and Norfolk Social Security lawyer, Corey Pollard is here to help you get every benefit you deserve. All you have to do is call, text, or email us.


Sample Wal-Mart Workers Compensation Settlements in Virginia


  • We obtained medical coverage and a lump sum settlement for an injured Wal-Mart employee who hurt her neck, back, and shoulder when the machine she was operating stopped suddenly, causing her to jerk forward.


  • We obtained a lump sum settlement after a workers compensation hearing for an injured Wal-Mart distribution center employee who injured his knee when the machine he was operating malfunctioned.


  • We obtained lifetime medical benefits for a Walmart employee who suffered a cervical spine injury when a box fell on her head.


  • We obtained a lump sum settlement for a Wal-Mart employee who suffered multiple injuries in a slip and fall accident.


  • We obtained a lump sum settlement for a Wal-Mart employee who injured his shoulder after being struck by an object while operating machinery.


We Represent Wal-Mart Workers Hurt on the Job at the Following Locations


Alexandria Walmart #2194

5885 Kingstowne Blvd.


Alexandria Walmart #2258

7910 Richmond Highway


Alexandria Walmart Supercenter #5753

6303 Richmond Highway


Alta Vista Walmart Supercenter #3768

125 Clarion Rd.


Appomattox Walmart Supercenter #4636

505 Oakville Rd


Ashland Walmart Supercenter #2795

145 Hill Carter Pkwy


Ashland Neighborhood Market #3880

9714 Sliding Hill Rd


Bedford Walmart Supercenter #1399

1126 E Lynchburg Salem Turnpike


Blackstone Walmart Supercenter #2645

1451 South Main St.


Bristol Walmart Supercenter #2089

13245 Lee Hwy


Burke Walmart #5227

6000 Burke Commons Rd


Chantilly Walmart #5969

4368 Chantilly Shopping Center


Charlottesville Walmart Supercenter #1780

975 Hilton Heights Rd


Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter #1841

1521 Sam S Circle


Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter #3644

201 Hillcrest Pkwy


Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter #1682

2448 Chesapeake Sq Ring Rd


Chesapeake Neighborhood Market #3299

475 Kempsville Rd


Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter #5253

632 Grass Field Pky


Chesapeake Neighborhood Market #3330

673 Cedar Rd


Chester Walmart Supercenter #1524

12000 Iron Bridge Rd


Chesterfield Walmart Supercenter #4476

14501 Hancock Village St


Christiansburg Walmart Supercenter #1292

2400 N Franklin St


Colonial Heights Walmart Supercenter #1424

671 Southpark Blvd


Covington Walmart Supercenter #2662

313 W Thacker Rd


Culpeper Walmart Supercenter #2136

801 James Madison Hwy


Danville Walmart Supercenter #1465

515 Mount Cross Rd


Dulles Walmart Supercenter #3639

24635 Dulles Landing Dr


Dumfries Walmart Supercenter #3588

17041 Jefferson Davis Hwy


Emporia Walmart Supercenter #2805

303 Market Dr


Fairfax Walmart #5880

11181 Lee Hwy


Fairfax Walmart Supercenter #2015

13059 Fair Lakes Parkway


Farmville Walmart Supercenter #1486

1800 Peery Dr


Franklin Walmart Supercenter #2705

1500 Armory Dr


Fredericksburg Walmart Supercenter #5343

10001 Southpoint Parkway


Fredericksburg Walmart Supercenter #4258

11 Village Pkwy


Fredericksburg Walmart Supercenter #2520

125 Washington Sq Plaza


Fredericksburg Walmart Supercenter #1833

1800 Carl D Silver Pkwy


Front Royal Walmart Supercenter #5105

10 Riverton Commons Dr


Glen Allen Walmart Supercenter #1523

11400 West Broad St Rd


Gloucester Walmart Supercenter #1759

6819 Waltons Lane


Gordonsville Walmart Supercenter #4682

164 Camp Creek Pkwy


Hampton Walmart Supercenter #1631

1900 Cunningham Dr


Harrisonburg Walmart Supercenter #1726

171 Burgess Rd


Harrionsburg Walmart Supercenter #2807

2160 John Wayland Hwy


Kilmarnock Walmart Supercenter #4350

200 Old Fair Grounds Way


King George Walmart Supercenter #5779

16375 Merchant Lane


Lexington Walmart Supercenter #1335

1233 North Lee Highway


Locust Grove Walmart #5731

2533 Germanna Hwy


Lynchburg Walmart #4697

3227 Old Forest Rd


Lynchburg Walmart Supercenter #1350

3900 Wards Rd


Madison Heights Walmart Supercenter #2565

197 Madison Heights Sq


Manassas Walmart Supercenter #1825

8386 Sudley Road


Manassas Walmart Supercenter #3573

9401 Liberia Ave


Mechanicsville Walmart Supercenter #1525

7430 Bell Creek Rd


Midlothian Walmart Supercenter #2808

12200 Chattanooga Plaza


Midlothian Walmart Supercenter #1969

900 Wal-Mart Way


Newport News Walmart Supercenter #1773

12401 Jefferson Ave


Newport News Walmart Supercenter #4623

6111 Jefferson Ave


Norfolk Walmart Supercenter #1811

1170 North Military Hwy


Norfolk Walmart Supercenter #5488

7530 Tidewater Dr


North Chesterfield Neighborhood Market #7174

5700 Hopkins Rd


North Chesterfield Neighborhood Market #3892

7000 Iron Bridge Rd


Norton Walmart Supercenter #1302

780 Commonwealth Dr.


Pearisburg Walmart Supercenter #2646


Petersburg Walmart Supercenter #2160

3500 South Crater Rd


Portsmouth Walmart Supercenter #3831

1098 Fredrick Blvd


Powhatan Walmart Supercenter #5847

1950 Anderson Hwy


Richmond Walmart Supercenter #3869

1504 North Parham Rd


Richmond Walmart Supercenter #2821

2410 Sheila Ln


Richmond Walmart #4191

6920 Forest Ave


Richmond Walmart Supercenter #2295

7901 Brook Rd


Roanoke Walmart Supercenter #3243

4524 Challenger Ave


Roanoke Walmart Supercenter #2312

4807 Valley View Blvd NW


Roanoke Walmart Supercenter #1301

5350 Clearbrook Village Ln


Rocky Mount Walmart Supercenter #2337

550 Old Franklin Turnpike


Ruckersville Walmart Supercenter #4638

135 Stoneridge Dr


Salem Walmart Supercenter #1309

1841 West Main St.


South Boston Walmart Supercenter #1345

3471 Old Halifax Rd


South Hill Walmart Supercenter #1934

315 Furr St.


Stafford Walmart Supercenter #2438

217 Garrisonville Rd


Staunton Walmart Supercenter #1344

1028 Richmond Ave C


Stuart Walmart Supercenter #3770

19265 Jeb Stuart Hwy


Suffolk Walmart Supercenter #1687

1200 North Main St.


Suffolk Walmart Supercenter #3214

6259 College Dr


Tappahannock Walmart Supercenter #1730

1660 Tappahannock Blvd


Virginia Beach Walmart Supercenter #3216

1149 Nimmo Pkwy


Virginia Beach Walmart Supercenter #2529

2021 Lynnhaven Pkwy


Virginia Beach Walmart Supercenter #1688

657 Phoenix Dr.


Warrenton Walmart #2437

700 James Madison Hwy


Waynesboro Walmart Supercenter #5117

116 Lucy Ln


Williamsburg Walmart Supercenter #3219

731 E Rochambeau Dr


Winchester Walmart Supercenter #1406

2350 So. Pleasant Valley Rd


Winchester Walmart Supercenter #3344

501 Wal-Mart Dr


Woodstock Walmart Supercenter #2647

461 West Reservoir Rd


Yorktown Walmart Supercenter #3265

2601 George Washington Memorial Hwy


Wal-Mart Workers Compensation Claims Issues Across the Nation


In Virginia it is illegal to fire an injured employee who files a workers compensation claim or an employee who agrees to testify on an injured employee’s behalf at a workers comp proceeding. This is true in many other states as well. But Wal-Mart was accused of doing just that in Cox v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Case No. 10-35729.


In Cox the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court ruling that had granted summary judgment to Wal-Mart in a case brought by an employee hurt at work in a fall. Cox alleged that Wal-Mart disciplined and fired her after she pursued her rights under Oregon workers compensation laws. Before the work accident Cox had received acceptable performance evaluations. But after invoking her workers comp rights, Wal-Mart disciplined her three times. The appellate panel found that a reasonable jury could find a causal connection between Cox’s assertion of her workers compensation rights and her termination.


In Colorado a U.S. District Court Judge approved an $8 million settlement in Gianzero et al v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Civil Action No. 1:09-cv-00656-REB-BNB (U.S. Dist. Court Colorado). Gianzero was a class action lawsuit where injured employees alleged that Wal-Mart and Claims Management, Inc. conspired to interfere with the medical treatment of injured workers. As in Virginia, employers and insurance carriers are not allowed to interfere with injured workers’ treatment by medically managing the case.


Receive Help with Your Walmart Workers Compensation Case from an Experienced Walmart Work Comp Attorney


If you’re a Walmart employee who was hurt on the job in Virginia – either at a retail store, distribution center, or while driving, we can help you with your workers compensation claim. Though we hope that Claims Management, Inc. and Wal-Mart treat you well after your on the job accident, it’s possible that your work injury claim will be denied and you’ll have to file a workers comp appeal.


Whatever you do, don’t give up! Contact us today so that we can help you get every penny and all the medical treatment you deserve.