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Do You Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim Involving The Hartford Insurance Company? If So, Attorney Corey Pollard Can Help.


The Hartford is one of the largest workers’ compensation insurers in Virginia and nationwide. It also does business as Hartford Insurance Companies of the Midwest, Sentinel Insurance Company, and Twin City Fire Insurance Companies. So if you receive a letter or notice from one of these insurance companies, you actually have a Hartford workers compensation claim.


The Hartford has billions of dollars in assets and teams of attorneys, claims adjusters, and medical professionals with one goal: to give you less money for your work injury. Dealing with an insurance company the size of The Hartford while also trying to recover from your work injury and figure out how to survive can be difficult. But you don’t have to do it alone. An attorney with knowledge of Virginia workers compensation can do the talking on your behalf and help you get all the benefits you’re owed by law.


If you have a workers’ compensation claim against The Hartford, you should contact experienced workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard for a free consultation. We’ve helped hundreds of injured workers in Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, Roanoke, Fairfax, and Prince William County secure the workers compensation benefits¬†and negotiate the workers’ comp settlements they deserve from insurance companies like The Hartford. And we can help you. Call or text 804-251-1620, or email us through the online consultation form to your right.

Understanding the Virginia Workers Compensation System


In Virginia, employees who are hurt on the job are entitled to workers compensation benefits if they prove they suffered an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of their employment. Though workers’ comp is supposed to cover most injuries at work, many employers and their insurance carriers make injured employees jump through hoops and overcome numerous hurdles to secure the benefits they need and deserve. This is why injured workers should seek representation from an experienced lawyer.


Richmond workers compensation attorney Corey Pollard represents injured employees in workers compensation claims involving The Hartford Insurance Company throughout Virginia. We know the defense tactics used by insurance companies and have helped countless workers and their families win the benefits they deserve. If you have a workers compensation claim against The Hartford, you must be proactive in pursuing your rights. And we can help guide you every step of the way.


Recover Maximum Benefits for Your Virginia Workers Compensation Claim Against The Hartford


Every work injury claim is different, except for one thing: They all involve dealing with an insurance company that is looking out for its own best interests, not yours. And The Hartford Insurance Company and its subsidiaries are no different.


Because workers compensation is a “no-fault” system where you do not have to prove that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries at work, you would expect filing a claim for benefits and receiving everything you’re owed to be easy. But that isn’t the case. The Hartford Insurance Company and other major workers’ comp insurance carriers use several tactics to deny, dispute, and delay the benefits they pay to injured workers. In fact, it’s common for an insurance company to deny a claim that is valid.


If you are covered by workers’ compensation in Virginia, you may be entitled to many different benefits for your work-related accident and injury. These include:


  • Lifetime medical benefits for all doctor appointments, surgeries, prescription medication, prostheses, and therapy that is reasonable, necessary, and causally related to your work injuries.


  • Reimbursement for out of pocket expenses including mileage to and from your treating physician and pharmacy.





  • And much more.


If you have a workers’ compensation claim through The Hartford, attorney Corey Pollard can help you get every single benefit and penny you’re owed. All you have to do is contact us for a free strategy session.



The Hartford Workers Compensation Claims Handling


The Hartford uses both in-house counsel and outside counsel to handle its workers’ compensation claims. It keeps a close eye on its outside attorneys and has specific guidelines on how counsel should handle workers’ compensation matters on behalf of The Hartford. These guidelines include:


  • Acknowledging receipt of a new assignment, in writing, within 24 hours. The Hartford workers compensation attorney must confirm acceptance of the case and that a conflict check has been completed, and provide notice of what information or documentation is required from The Hartford.


  • Sending an introductory letter to the insured employer within 3 days of assignment of the case by The Hartford.


  • Providing an action plan within 3 days of the assignment of The Hartford workers compensation claim.


  • Contacting the claims adjuster to discuss how to resolve any claim aged 2 years or older.


  • Submitting an initial report no later than 30 calendar days after referral of the claim. If the referral includes a hearing notice, then the attorney must submit an initial report in 5 business days.


  • Submitting updated reports within 5 business days of any significant events.



As you can see, The Hartford has strict workers compensation claims handling guidelines – and this is only what they make public. We encourage you to contact Corey Pollard, an experienced workers compensation lawyer who has handled workers comp claims against The Hartford, to protect your legal rights. You deserve to have someone fighting for you: The Hartford will have someone looking out for them.


Contact an Experienced Virginia Attorney for Hartford Insurance Company Workers’ Compensation Claims


If you are dealing with The Hartford Insurance Company or Twin City Fire Insurance Companies for your workers’ compensation claim in Virginia, contact us for a free case review and to learn more about what you should do to protect your legal rights. We’re here for you and your loved ones during the difficult time following a work injury.


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