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Each year thousands of Virginia residents receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA). These cash benefits, and the medical coverage that comes with him, provide help to individuals who are unable to work because of a physical or mental medical impairment.


Obtaining these benefits, however, is difficult. There are strict requirements that you must meet to win your Social Security case and to get the benefits you need and deserve. For example, the SSA awards benefits only if you have a documented medical impairment that lasts a year or longer and prevents you from performing substantial gainful activity. You cannot receive disability benefits for short-term or partial disabilities.


For help applying for benefits and proving your case, contact Newport News Social Security disability (SSD) lawyer Corey Pollard today: 757-810-5614. Your consultation is free and there is no fee unless you get approved for benefits.


What Types of Disability Benefits Does the SSA Award?


The SSA administers many different benefit programs. There are two types of benefits available to people who are unable to work because of their disabilities:


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): The SSDI program provides monthly benefits to people who become disabled before reaching retirement age. To qualify for SSDI, you must not only meet the SSA’s medical definition of disability but also have enough work credits. If you have a consistent work history and become disabled within five years of the last date you worked, then you likely satisfy SSDI’s non-medical requirements.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI): SSI benefits are available to disabled children and disabled adults who either have no work history or whose work history is insufficient to qualify for SSDI. You must have limited assets and monthly income to meet the non-medical requirements of the SSI program.


What Medical Conditions Qualify People for Social Security Disability in Newport News?


Any medical impairment that affects your ability to complete activities of daily living or that prevents you from working full-time may qualify you as disabled under the Social Security Act. Common medical conditions that serve as the basis of an award for SSD benefits include:


  • Cancer, including the effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Cardiovascular Disorders, including heart disease, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, and heart attacks
  • Diabetes and related symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy
  • Digestive System Disorders, including gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Mental Disorders, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Nervous system disorders, including multiple sclerosis
  • Respiratory Disorders, including COPD, emphysema, and asthma
  • Trauma, including fractures and broken bones from accidents. Many of our Newport News personal injury, car accident, workers’ compensation clients qualify for SSD benefits because of their injuries.


The SSA keeps a Listing of Impairments that contains many medical conditions categorized by body system affected. If your condition meets the criteria stated in the SSA’s Listing of Impairments, then you will be found disabled.


You can still receive SSD benefits if you do not have a condition found in the Listing of Impairments or if you do not meet all the criteria for your condition. If your medical impairments prevent you from working full-time or from adjusting to any type of work based on your age, education, and acquired job skills, you can still win your case. Contact Newport News disability attorney Corey Pollard to see if you may qualify for SSD benefits.


How Much Can I Receive in Monthly SSDI Benefits?


When the SSA approves your application for disability benefits, it will calculate your monthly benefit amount and mail a letter that states what you’re owed. The SSA uses complex formulas based on your past earnings and handles claims for SSDI and SSI benefits differently.


SSI benefits are based on the federal benefit rate, which is in turn based on the poverty line. The maximum SSI benefit you can receive is $750 per month. Any income you receive may offset (reduce) your monthly SSI payment. The average monthly SSI benefit is between $500 and $550 per month.


SSDI benefits are based on your average earnings over your lifetime. The maximum SSDI benefit you can receive is close to $2,700 per month, but the average monthly SSDI benefit payment is around $1,100 per month.


How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability in Newport News, VA?


You have several options to apply for SSDI benefits in Newport News:


  • Call Newport News disability lawyer Corey Pollard at 75-810-5614 to complete your application.


  • By phone: You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.


  • In person: You can visit your local SSA office to apply, but you should make an appointment first. The Social Security office in Newport News is located at 11706 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23606.


  • Online: You can apply for Social Security disability benefits online. Make sure you save a copy of your application for your records.


When you apply for SSD benefits, you will need to provide several documents and complete many forms. If you do not provide complete and accurate information, it may take longer to get a decision and you may get a denial from Social Security. By hiring experienced Newport News disability lawyer Corey Pollard to help with your application, you give yourself a better chance at getting approved for SSDI or SSI benefits. Call us at 757-810-5614.


Do I Need an Attorney to File for SSD in Newport News?


You can apply for SSD benefits on your own, but we recommend hiring an experienced disability lawyer in Newport News. We are familiar with the application process, the forms, records, and documents that can help you get approved, the best way to present your case at hearing to the administrative law judge (ALJ) deciding your claim, and how to handle any issues that arise during the process. We know the deadlines, rules, and regulations that apply to your SSD claim.


An innocent mistake or error can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in benefits and much-needed medical coverage. Disability lawyer Corey Pollard will help you avoid the mistakes that cost people the benefits they need and deserve. The SSA denies more than two-thirds of the initial applications it receives each year. By hiring an experienced disability attorney you give yourself the best chance of receiving SSD benefits in Newport News.


We are ready to step in and prosecute your disability claim, no matter what state of the process you’re at. Call today for a free consultation.


Can I Afford to Hire Newport News Disability Attorney Corey Pollard?


We understand that you are out of work with no income. You may be frustrated, scared, and stressed because you don’t know how you and your family will survive. We don’t think that limited income or assets should limit your access to high-quality legal representation. That’s why Corey Pollard not only offers a free strategy session to all clients, but also works on a contingency fee basis. You never pay an upfront fee for our legal services. And we only receive a fee and get reimbursed for costs if we help you receive an award of SSD benefits from the SSA.


We are ready to help you and your family. Call today to get started: 757-810-5614.