Were You Hurt in a Target Work Injury?


If you are a Target employee who was injured in a workplace accident, you may have many questions and concerns about your finances and health. Depending on how you were hurt at work, you may qualify for benefits under the Virginia workers compensation program.


Target must carry workers compensation insurance for its employees. This insurance is available to Target employees who prove that they sustained an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of their employment or an occupational disease related to their work.


This article explains what benefits are available Target work injury victims. If you have any questions, contact workplace accident attorney Corey Pollard for a free consultation. You can also check out our Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about protecting your legal rights.


Target Workplace Hazards Faced by Employees


Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the country, just behind Walmart. Target has more than 1,800 stores throughout the United States, a facility to receive shipments from suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors in Suffolk, Virginia, and a distribution warehouse in Stuarts Draft, VA.


Target has many career opportunities because of its size. Common jobs include: cashier, inventory control specialist, janitor, sales floor associate, stocker, and warehouse worker. Each of these jobs presents unique workplace hazards.


As a retail store, Target has different departments such as: apparel; electronics; groceries; pet; pharmacy; and toys. During the typical Target shift you may face the following workplace hazards:


  • Cars and trucks driving through the parking lot negligently and recklessly
  • Defects (potholes, loose curbs) and uneven parking lot surfaces while helping customers to their cars or retrieving carts
  • Wet floors due to customers tracking in water when it rains, spilled products and produce, or leaking refrigerator units
  • Slippery floors due to cleaners
  • Falling merchandise
  • Belligerent customers


Target employees may sustain injuries while performing their regular job responsibilities. For example, you may file a workers compensation claim if you are hurt while:


  • Bending down to move or lift merchandise or groceries
  • Loading and unloading merchandise from trucks or the storage room
  • Stocking items
  • Using your hands to scan and bag items or operate the cash register


No matter the type of injury you suffered or how the work accident happened while working for Target, we can help you. We’ll investigate your claim, conduct discovery, and present your case at the workers compensation hearing so that we can obtain a fair workers comp settlement on your behalf.


Virginia Workers Compensation Laws for Target Employees


Though it’s a big corporation, Target is subject to the same workers compensation laws as other employers. Under the Virginia Workers Compensation Act injured Target employees may be entitled to the following benefits:



Family members and loved ones of Target employees killed in a fatal workplace accident may be entitled to death benefits.


Getting these benefits won’t be easy. Target may deny that you’re entitled to them. But with the help of an experienced attorney you have a better chance of receiving them.


Get Help with a Target Work Accident Claim


Workers compensation laws are complicated. One wrong move – even an innocent mistake – and you may miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of income replacement benefits and medical treatment. Don’t let this happen to you.


Target workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard helps Virginia employees who are hurt on the job. All you have to do is call, text, or email us to get a free consultation regarding your legal options. Depending on the severity of your work injuries, you may also qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. As a Social Security lawyer and workers comp attorney, Corey Pollard can help you maximize the compensation and medical coverage available to you following your Target work accident.