The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides many types of workers’ compensation benefits. requires employers to provide all necessary medical attention to an employee who suffers an injury by accident arising out of and in the course of their employment. These lifetime medical benefits are provided to the employee at no charge.

Medical attention includes office visits, surgery, medical and surgical supplies, hospitalizations, physical therapy, ambulatory devices, inpatient admissions, and whatever else the injured worker may need to recover from his or her work-related injuries. Because medical care is so expensive, insurance companies often dispute that the employee had a compensable injury by accident. If that happens to you, contact a Virginia workers compensation lawyer right away.

Specific Medical Benefits Under The Virginia Workers' Compensation Act

Below are specific medical benefits available to employees who suffer a covered injury by accident. These medical benefits are unlimited. That is why they are often referred to as lifetime medical benefits.

Treating Physician

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act requires the employer to provide the injured employee with a panel of at least three physicians from which to choose.

We recommend that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney before selecting a physician from the panel. This is because 1) the panel may be deficient and not provide you with adequate choices and 2) some doctors are more helpful to injured workers involved in workers’ comp litigation. An experienced work injury lawyer can help you choose the best doctor for your health and for your claim.

If the employer does not provide you with a panel of physicians from which to choose within a reasonable amount of time, then you may seek treatment from a doctor of your choice. Unfortunately the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has not provided a bright-line rule for how long the employer has to provide a panel of physicians.

You may request a change in treating physician at any time. The Commission, however, will only order a change in physician if one of the following circumstances is met:

  • The physician is providing inadequate care
  • A specialist is required but is not being provided
  • The injured worker is not improving and the physician cannot explain why
  • Conventional treatment is not being provided
  • The physician fails to cooperate with discovery
  • An insufficient treatment plan is offered for long term disability

Psychiatric Care

The Commission may order the employer to provide psychiatric care if the employee suffers depression, anxiety, or PTSD due to a work-related accident.


The employer and its workers compensation insurance company must provide the injured worker with a specialist if the treating physician or the Commission deems it necessary. The employer cannot manage or control who the specialist is. A panel of specialists should be offered if the treating physician does not make a specific referral.

Other Available Medical Benefits In Virginia Workers' Comp

In addition to “traditional” medical care, the employer must furnish other medical benefits to an employee injured on the job. These benefits include:


Section 65.2-603 of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act requires the employer to provide prosthetic devices when the workplace accident results in the loss of an arm, leg, hand, foot, eye, tooth, or hearing. The employer must repair any such devices damaged in an accident.

Home Care

The Commission considers necessary and authorized home nursing services as medical benefits available under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. The employer may have to pay for home care provided by a spouse if:

  • The employer knows of the injured worker’s need for home care
  • A physician has stated that home nursing care is necessary due to injuries suffered in the workplace accident
  • The care given by the spouse is the type usually given by trained attendants
  • The value of the services can be determined

Workers Compensation Lawyer Corey Pollard Will Help You Get Lifetime Medical Benefits

Richmond workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard, author of the Virginia Workers Compensation Guide, will help you get the lifetime medical benefits you deserve. Call us today to get started on the road to recovery. In addition to medical benefits, you may be eligible for temporary total disability benefits, temporary partial disability benefits, permanent total disability benefits, of a workers compensation settlement.

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