Helping Injured DuPont Employees with Workers Compensation Claims in Virginia


E.I du Pont de Nemours and Company, known as DuPont, is one of the world’s largest chemical companies. Even if you haven’t heard of DuPont, you’ve likely used something that was developed or manufactured in a DuPont plant or using a DuPont product. Nylon, Lycra, neoprene, Tyvek, Kevlar, Teflon, Mylar, and Sorona are just some of the polymers developed by DuPont.


In 2015 the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) labeled DuPont a “severe” violator of federal workplace safety standards. OSHA issued this label after a second inspection of DuPont’s La Porte, Texas plant where four employees were killed in a gas leak.


This article is for injured DuPont employees who are seeking workers compensation benefits in Virginia and for people whose health and lives have been damaged by companies who care about profit margins and not the people around them. If you or a loved one was hurt while working for DuPont or is suffering from poor health due to chemical exposure, workers compensation attorney and personal injury lawyer Corey Pollard is here to help. Call, text, or email us today for a free legal consultation.


If you have not been hurt at work but believe that DuPont is violating OSHA safety standards, we encourage you to reach out to a Virginia OSHA lawyer for help.


DuPont Locations in Virginia


DuPont operates four plants in Virginia:


DuPont Front Royal Plant, 7961 Winchester Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630, (540) 636-2951: Located in Northwestern Virginia, the DuPont Performance Coatings facility in Front Royal manufactures automotive and industrial coatings. The plant uses chemicals such as ethyl acrylate (a documented carcinogen); ethylbenzene (a documented carcinogen); lead compounds; mercury (a toxic substance that can damage children severely); and, xylene (a chemical capable of damaging the body’s organs, immune system, and respiratory system).


DuPont James River Plant, 1201 Bellwood Rd, Richmond, VA 23237, (804) 383-6074: Employees at DuPont’s James River facility help provide sulfuric acids to other DuPont employees in Virginia. Handling this material is dangerous.


DuPont Spruance Plant, 5401 Jefferson Davis Highway, Richmond, VA 23261, (804) 383-2000: DuPont’s Spruance Plant, located in Chesterfield County, VA, is the company’s largest plant. This plant manufactures Tyvek, a material used in the construction industry to insulate and protect structures, and Kevlar, which is a bullet-resistant material used by the military and law enforcement in vests. The plant also manufactures Zytel, which is a resin, and Nome, a fire-resistant material.


DuPont uses some of the chemicals listed below to manufacture these products: chloroform (a carcinogen and toxic chemical); dimethylamine ( a suspected toxin that may cause damage to the immune system and the respiratory system); N-methyl-2-ppyrrolidone ( a developmental toxin that can affect physical and mental development in children); and, toluene (a chemical that may cause developmental damage).


DuPont Waynesboro Plant, 400 Dupont Blvd, Waynesboro, VA 22980, (540) 949-2000: This plant is now owned by Invista. It is located on roughly 400 acres and produces Lycra fiber for use in apparel and personal hygiene products. This plant is known as the birthplace of spandex. Chemicals used at this plant may include: acetamide; dilsocyanates (toxic to the respiratory system); hydrochloric acid (can affect several systems in the body); lead compounds (can cause damage to every system in the human body); and, sulfuric acid.


Workers Comp Help for DuPont Employees Injured at Work


DuPont is subject to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. This means that the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has jurisdiction over all claims for workers compensation benefits filed by DuPont employees hurt in Virginia.


If you’re a DuPont employee who was hurt at work, notify your supervisor right away and seek immediate medical attention. You should put the notice in writing.


As soon as you’re able to, contact a workers compensation attorney with experience representing injured employees in workers compensation hearings and negotiating workers’ comp settlements. You should act quickly. If you wait too long then you may forfeit your right to benefits because of the Virginia workers compensation statute of limitations.


With the help of a DuPont workers compensation attorney, you can conduct discovery and develop the evidence in your case so that you increase your chance of receiving the following benefits:


  • Lifetime medical benefits related to your work injury or occupational disease. Many types of accidents and injuries are covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act.




  • Permanent and total disability benefits if you’re unable to return to substantial gainful employment because of an injury sustained or an occupational disease contracted while working for DuPont.


  • Death benefits if your loved one was a former DuPont employee whose death was caused by the work accident or occupational illness.



Getting these benefits won’t be easy. Contact an attorney who can skillfully represent you in a DuPont workers compensation claim for help.


Speak with a DuPont Workers Compensation Lawyer


Corey Pollard has helped many Virginia families receive compensation and medical care following on-the-job injuries and chemical exposure. If you’re a current or former DuPont employee who unable to work because of a job injury, occupational illness, or physical or mental disability, our workers comp attorney and Richmond disability lawyer can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll do everything we can to help you negotiate a top-dollar workers compensation settlement for your DuPont occupational injury or illness.