Any Job Can Be Dangerous and Cause Injury. But Some Job Types are Worse Than Others.

There are some jobs that we all consider “dangerous.” Logging, construction, and positions involving lots of lifting are some that come to mind. But those of you who work in positions that aren’t considered “dangerous” are entitled to Virginia workers’ compensation benefits and lump sum workers comp settlements too. When an injury or occupational illness threatens your livelihood, you should fight for every penny and medical benefit you are owed!

Virginia workers compensation lawyer Corey Pollard has helped hundreds of clients hurt doing all types of jobs. But some jobs encounter more work hazards than others. These hazards include exposure to dangerous weather, lots of physical labor, and long hours with overtime.

Some of the more dangerous occupations include:

Dealing with a work injury and its impact on your finances and emotional well-being is difficult. One minute you’re feeling great. The next you don’t know where to turn.

Virginia workers compensation attorney  Corey Pollard is here to guide you through the work comp process. We will take care of the paperwork and navigate the procedural pitfalls while you focus on getting better. We will explain your options, and recommend the best one for you. You may even be able to receive a top-dollar workers compensation settlement.

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