Workers Compensation Cancer Presumption for Virginia Police & Firefighters

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act provides a cancer presumption for firefighters, police officers, and other emergency personnel that get sick on the job. This cancer presumption is in addition to the police and firefighter heart/lung bill found in the Act. Keep in mind, however, that the cancer presumption is more restrictive

What does it mean for police and firefighters to have a presumption as to death or disability from cancer?

Usually, the injured worker has the burden of proof when it comes to proving that a work injury or disease is covered under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act. In cancer presumption cases, however, the injured worker does not have the burden of proof. Instead, the employer must try to overcome the cancer presumption by developing evidence. But don’t let this fool you. Just because you have the presumption doesn’t mean you should sit back and not let a skilled workers’ compensation attorney develop your claim.

What types of cancer receive the presumption?

Only certain types of cancer fall under the presumption. These include leukemia or pancreatic, prostate, rectal, throat, ovarian, and breast cancer.

Do all firefighters, police officers, and emergency personnel receive the cancer presumption?

No. You must have completed twelve years of continuous service and have had contact with a toxic substance encountered in the line of duty. A toxic substance is one which is a known or suspected carcinogen. This part of the statute makes it more restrictive than the heart and lung statute.

Workers Compensation Lawyer Corey Pollard Helps Police & Firefighters Recover Benefits

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