Workers Compensation for an ACL Tear On the Job


You are carrying a heavy box to the other end of the warehouse when your co-worker calls out your name. You turn suddenly to see what he wants. As you do your right foot gets stuck and you stumble and fall.


As you fell you heard a pop in your knee. When you tried to stand back up you could barely put any pressure on the leg before you felt pain. You sit back down and call for help.


What happened? How could this simple turn cause you so much pain and weakness?


You’ve suffered an ACL tear at work. Now what.


This article explains why Virginia workers compensation may be a legal option for you following a work-related ACL injury. After you’ve read the article, contact us for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.


What is a Torn ACL Injury?


The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL for short, is a ligament in the knee. It connects your upper and lower leg bones. The ACL resists forward and rotational movements of the shin bone on your thigh bone. And it helps your knee bend forward.


A torn ACL happens when the knee joint twists or bends too much, causing the elastic band to snap or tear. Most ACL injuries happen from falls, sports activities, and workplace accidents.


There are varying degrees of ACL tears, from mild to severe. A severe ACL injury is one where the ligament tears completely or the ligament and a portion of the bone separate from the remaining bone. This can cause the knee to buckle and the joint to fill with blood, which is painful and causes swelling.


Common symptoms of a torn ACL injury include:


  • Buckling of the knee
  • Difficulty putting weight on the knee
  • A popping noise
  • Swelling
  • Limited range of motion and movement


Why You Need Workers Compensation for Your Workplace ACL Injury


Each year roughly 250,000 people suffer torn ACL injuries.


ACL tears and the resulting knee pain are some of the most common types of workplace injuries. They can also be some of the most painful and debilitating types of work injuries.


In the workplace ACL tears are often caused by falling, tripping, jumping, twisting, or striking the knee or leg against a hard object. Because so many of you work in fast-paced environments with production quotas, workplace hazards, and inadequate safety training, you are at risk of suffering an ACL tear at work.


As we said above, a workplace ACL tear can be one of the most debilitating workers comp injuries. Here is why:


  • Many ACL tears require at least six months to recover. During this time your doctor will either take you out of all work or give you light duty restrictions with limited lifting, kneeling, climbing, walking, and standing. Depending on your restrictions and normal job responsibilities, you may be entitled to temporary total disability or temporary partial disability payments during this time.


  • Permanent partial disability. Many ligaments, once torn or severed partially or completely, lose their retention, strength, and elasticity. So even if you heal, you may have permanent restrictions that impact your ability to work and earn a living.


  • You may need surgery. More than half of all ACL tears require surgery because of how they impact the whole knee.


  • An increased risk of post traumatic arthritis. We’ve represented many injured workers with ACL tears who ultimately need a knee replacement because of arthritis aggravated by their work injury.


It’s important you seek the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve for your ACL injury so that you have protection for the rest of your career and life.


Your Workers Compensation Attorney for ACL Injuries


Workplace ACL injuries can affect you for the rest of your life. They can be so severe that you have to change careers, which can impact your family’s finances.


If you’ve suffered an ACL tear on the job, contact Corey Pollard, votedĀ one of the best Virginia workers compensation lawyers, for a free consultation. We can help you file a workers comp claim, present your case to a deputy commissioner at a workers compensation hearing, and get the benefits, medical care, and lump sum work comp settlement you deserve to get back on your feet. Don’t let the employer and insurance company bully you around. Call now to get the help you need.